Homemade cream to relieve eczema or dermatitis, itching, dry and irritated skin

The Eczema is a skin condition and makes the skin scaly and feel itchy . It can also become inflamed, dry and irritated, and pink in color. Eczema can be caused by several causes, such as allergies to certain foods, asthma , allergic rhinitis (or hay fever), reactions of the skin itself, allergies to the hair of certain pets or to dust , among others.

With this homemade cream we will ensure that the skin is well nourished and hydrated thanks to the shea, the coconut prevents infections, the lavender essential oil is especially beneficial to use in everything related to the skin, since it calms the itch, reduces inflammation, relieves and helps to heal. Cedarwood essential oil is also very effective in treating eczema due to its protective action on the skin, prevents dryness, is very effective in reducing inflammation and highly soothing.

You need:

  • 100 g of shea butter
  • 100 gr of coconut butter
  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 7 drops of cedar essential oil


How to make eczema cream:

Put the shea butter and coconut butter in a double boiler, over low heat. As soon as they melt, remove them from the heat and add the lavender and cedar oils. Mix well and store in a glass jar, preferably dark.

Apply to the skin as many times as necessary.

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