How is the cultivation of arugula

The cultivation of arugula in the garden is very easy, being a very docile plant with little care . So with little effort you can achieve great results. So take a look at the step by step.

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Arugula cultivation

Growing arugula outdoors in a Mediterranean climate should begin with direct sowing in the spring, summer and fall.

Direct sowing

It should be sown with 2 or 3 seeds in each space, burying them a centimeter deep.

The planting frame can be set by tapping about 15-20cm apart between plants and about 30cm between rows.

Sowing in pot

If it is grown in pots or planters in urban gardens, care should be taken to place the pots in sunny places protected from strong winds.

The size of the pot should not be very high, since the root system is not deep.


The type of substrate can be a plantation type to which 20% field soil and 10% clay or clay soil will be incorporated.

During the germination period, the substrate must be humid with an optimal soil temperature above 15˚C. It will germinate 10 or 14 days after sowing.

Once germinated, the possible herbs that sprout around it will be eliminated and regular waterings must be maintained.

The fertilizer should be every 15 days with a balanced fertilizer with microelements with the dose recommended by the manufacturer.

Do not use nitrogen fertilizers, as turgor must be maintained to avoid disease problems.

Another task to be carried out is the removal of the land periodically in order to facilitate its aeration.

The ideal temperature is between 15 to 25˚C and the duration of the cultivation (which comprises from sowing to harvest) is about 4 months.

Harvesting is done manually with several passes throughout your crops, as needed.


If the location and care are correct, there will be no presence of pests and diseases that can damage the plant .

But otherwise, the most common pest could appear, which is aphids. Among the most common diseases are powdery mildew and rust.

As a recommendation, if it is grown in the field, the ideal is to avoid associating its cultivation with plants of the same species such as radishes or turnips. It is better to associate your cultivation with lettuce, tomatoes, aubergines or radishes.

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