How is the plantation of Astrantia major or Astrancia

Astrantia major better known as Astrancia, female Sanicula or Cortusa , belongs to the apiaceae family. Being a spontaneous species of the flora of the Iberian peninsula and typical of the herbaceous and fresh places of the submontane and montane zone.

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Astrantia major characteristics

It is a plant that can grow one meter high and 60 cm wide and is part of a great variety that adapts to low sea levels. It has an erect stem and whose ramifications are limited. The flowers are abundant, white or pink, in the shape of an inverted umbrella. It has rhizomes and foliated stems that are used for therapeutic purposes. Its longevity is estimated to be around 10 years.

Astrantia major plantation

This species grows quite fast. The most viable technique is seed propagation. This procedure should be done in the spring for optimal results. For this, it must be sown at a distance of between 40 to 50 cm from each other. The seeds should be planted about 5 cm deep. Before digging, you must select the place where you want to have it and then mix a little manure or compost to facilitate its development.

As time passes, it will have germinated and in just a few years it will have fully grown and will be ready for flowering (which will be after three years or so). It is there where you can get a beautiful flower that will give that unique touch to the garden.

Among the care that this plant should take to make it healthy and vigorous are: fertile, clay soil with a neutral pH and well drained.

In addition, it requires direct sunlight in the morning. If it is placed in a place where it receives some shade, it is necessary that it does not lack good sun.

Irrigation is essential to hydrate the plant, as long as there is good drainage.

Despite its great resistance, there may be certain environmental factors that can cause serious damage, either due to humidity or shade, which contributes to the presence of slugs , which can be very easily confused with caterpillars. But there are very effective treatments to get rid of them.

Keep in mind that this plant can have side effects, so it should not be consumed for medicinal purposes.

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