How to care for a water hyacinth at home

One of the aquatic plants that stands out for the beauty and aroma of its flowers is the Eichhornia crassipes , which belongs to the Pontederiaceaes family and whose origin is from areas of South America. And although Garden Center Ejea  has shared with you the care of an arsenal of plants, it would be worth knowing how to care for a water hyacinth so that you are encouraged to have it at home.

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Caring for the water hyacinth

The care of the water hyacinth  at home can take time and dedication. So the ideal is to follow these recommendations.

  • Acquire a water hyacinth bulb  and let it cool for about 14 weeks. To do this, keep it in a dark place, or bury it in a pot with moist soil.
  • You can even buy hyacinth bulbs  that are pre-chilled to avoid the wait.
  • Get a container with a high neck so that the roots of the plant can grow optimally.
  • Fill the container with water, leaving about 5mm. It is important to respect this space without water so that the bulb develops well without rotting.
  • Once you have the liquid, place the water hyacinth bulb on top. So that the roots grow in the water and can flower little by little.

How to make Eichhornia crassipes bloom 

Once the plant has been installed , certain recommendations must be followed in order for it to flourish.

  • For 4 weeks, place the container in a dark area at a temperature between 4 and 13˚C until the bulb has grown.
  • In the process, it is necessary to change the water 2 times a week so that it can bloom well.
  • After 4 weeks, place the container in a warm area between 10 and 16˚C for at least a week until the leaves of the water hyacinth are green.
  • Finally, for the plant to finish flowering, change the container to a warmer area.

What did you think of the care of the  Eichhornia crassipes ? We recommend you keep reading and sharing the blog  where you will continue to learn more and more.

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