How to care for an orchid at home

Orchids are very beautiful and colorful flowers belonging to the orchid family, which can give a decorative touch to any space. At Garden Center Ejea, we will tell you how to care for an orchid at home and make it look healthy. Take note!

How to care for an orchid

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Before talking about how to care for an orchid, it is important that you know what species of plant you have at home, since each one of them can have different care. The most frequent are the orchid cymbidium , phalaenopsis, catleya, cambrias, vanda and dendrobium.

The care of the orchids that we leave you below are used for all the species just mentioned; However, when you buy a consultation always with the specialist of the gardening store.

How to care for an orchid

To care for an orchid at home , it is important that you take into account the place where you will place it. This type of plant loves well-lit spaces, but not direct sunlight, since its leaves could be seriously damaged. Place it on a window sill to get the proper amount of ventilation and light.

On the other hand, keep in mind that orchids do not resist cold or intense heat, since it is a plant with a tropical climate, so it is advisable to keep it indoors at a temperature between 10 ° and 30 ° C.

Water the orchids by soaking them with filtered water . To do this, fill a deep container with water and submerge the pot until it is almost covered. Let it sit for 10 minutes for the roots to absorb the water. Then let it drain.

Orchid soil

The land for orchids terrestrial and semi – terrestrial should be composed of equal parts of coconut fiber and pine bark ; while for the epiphytes you should only use pine bark.


Once the last orchid flower has fallen, you can cut its stems from the base for a second bloom.

Orchids are very beautiful but delicate, although if you follow this post on how to care for an orchid at home, I assure you that they will look perfect year after year.

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