How to care for orchids in winter

When we think about the effects of winter on our orchids , the first concern that arises is in terms of the damage that the drop in temperature can cause. With low temperatures, many orchids can stunt their growth and their flowering can be affected.

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However, what many people forget is that the cold can also be beneficial for some of them. The Cymbidium and Dendrobium genera need to undergo a decrease in temperature during the autumn/ winter season to produce flowers.


With low temperatures it is natural that the plant loses less water through perspiration and that the evaporation of the water present in the substrate decreases. Both factors when combined force the gardener to take care with the watering.

Do not maintain the same frequency with which you water your plants in spring/ summer, as you could be favoring the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that are harmful to orchids .


It is not a general rule, but many orchids go dormant in winter . Low temperatures cause plants to slow down their metabolism, leading them to stop growing. Consequently, the need for water and nutrients becomes quite low at this time of year.

However, it is always good to know that some genera of orchids, such as Cymbidium, bloom intensely only in winter. In this case, you should not reduce the risks, since the process requires water and nutrients.


In order for your orchids to feel comfortable, you need to provide them with a good amount of light during the winter . Generally, windows in the south are ideal for locating orchids during this season. However, you should not forget to protect them from direct sun exposure for very long periods, especially in dry winters, since you can cause the plant to burn and die. When receiving little light, the leaves of the orchid can turn yellowish: if this happens, you will only have to relocate it in a place where it receives much more light.


Winter is one of the best times of the year to transplant orchids . By transplanting an orchid during the winter, you will not hinder its plant cycle or its flowering period, and you will also be giving the plant a new substrate that will revitalize it for the next season.

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