How to care for succulents correctly

If you want to have a garden but have little space and time, we have the solution for you: succulents. They are very pretty and easy to care for and are so versatile that they can be grown in pots and distributed throughout the house. Either way, without a doubt it will bring a special charm to your home. And precisely one of the most important characteristics is that they are plants that can live very well in the home. In addition to consuming little water, there is a great variety of species that have different shapes, colors and textures. Here we tell you how to care for succulents correctly.

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A general knowledge information is that the vast majority of cacti and succulents require direct contact with the sun. However, some prefer indirect light and few hours of sun exposure.

Likewise, succulents are intolerant of shady environments . Therefore, you will have to provide them with a well-lit corner. If you decide to grow them indoors, position them near windows.

Watering is an important factor that will define the beauty and development of succulents. These require little water to live and therefore many people end up losing their beloved succulents by excess.

The leaves of succulents are fleshy and no explanation for this: store it in their turning them inside drought resistant.

It should be noted that there is no specific rule for watering them, since everything will depend on the region in which you live, the temperature, the amount of light they receive and the pot in which they are planted. However, as a suggestion, water them once a week in summer and once or twice a month in winter.

When it comes to watering them, you just have to moisten the soil and prevent the water from falling on the leaves. To check if your succulent is in need of water , insert a toothpick into the ground or even your finger. If the soil is loose and dry, you should water it, but if there is moisture, you will have to wait for it to dry before watering.

Other tips for caring for succulents

  • Never plant succulents in pots that do not have holes , since drainage is essential so they do not rot.
  • The best growing medium for succulents is one that is 50 percent coarse sand, 50 percent peat, and a handful of perlite. To this mix add a slow release granular fertilizer.

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