How to create a cactus nook inside the house

Where to put?

Since cacti are very resistant plants, adapting well to practically all environments, you can choose any place in the house as long as it ensures that it is airy and with sufficient natural light. There are those who prefer to make a decorative corner with cactus in the bathroom or in the kitchen, however, these plants can also have a fantastic effect in the living or dining room, especially if they are displayed using glass vases.

What species to choose?

The most suitable cactus to have inside the houses will be those that you can easily keep in small pots, that is, that do not grow too much. Therefore, some of the most recommended species include the following:

Astrophytum ornatum

This species originating in Mexico is globular at a young age, stretching over the years. It has pretty showy yellow flowers with a red center. It is suitable for creating an interior cactus nook because it has a small size and very slow growth, being ideal for use in decorative vases.

Cephalocereus senilis

A species with Mexican roots, it has long white hairs that camouflage thorns. Although it can reach up to 8 meters in length, it has a very slow growth, being used mostly in vases and mini-nooks. This species of cactus requires a lot of sun.

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii “Hibotan”

A species with origins in Paraguay and Argentina, it has a small size and a globular shape, whose white or pink flowers appear abundantly at the top of the plant. Due to its very small size, it is the ideal plant for small pots.

Mammillaria bocasana “roseiflora”

A species originating in Mexico, it reaches only 10 cm in height, and can form colonies. Given their small size, these cacti are ideal for grouping and decorating any interior corner.

Caring for

  • After choosing the place to place the cacti, it is important to know that the pots must be occupied only by cacti and not by other plants, so that there is no incompatibility in the water needs .
  • Since cacti are plants from sandy environments, fill the pots with half of washed sand and half of soil.
  • Do not expose the cats directly to the sun, prefer a well-lit place, but where the strong sunlight does not directly affect the cats.
  • Do not water the plants too much – too much water can cause the rots to rot. For large pot cats, water them every ten days in summer and once a month in winter. If they are in small pots, water them once a week in summer and every three weeks in winter.
  • If the cactus has many thorns, from time to time, it is important to protect the plant with paper or a cloth and, with the help of a toothbrush, remove the old thorns, in order to revitalize the cactus.
  • Fertilize plants only in summer and with small amounts of fertilizer .
  • If the house or space where you are going to place the cactus nook is damp, prefer the ceramic pots that provide faster water evaporation. On the contrary, if you place the cactus in a drier place, use plastic pots, always respecting the dimensions of the plants.

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