How to create a garden with little money

The garden is the presentation card of a house and the people who live there. Its creation can be very expensive if it is not carried out beforehand and careful planning. Learn how to create a garden with little money and still build a stunning landscape.

What steps to take to create a garden and spend little money

To create a garden and spend little money you need to set up a careful and consistent plan to make the most of your outdoor space. To do it correctly, you must follow the 4 steps below:

1. Make a sketch of the garden

Start by making a sketch of the garden and include all the contours of your home, such as the patios, decks, sidewalks, sidewalks, flowerbeds and retaining walls that exist there.

2. Add all desired elements

When designing a garden, you should take into account that there must be all the elements that you may want to add, such as a lake , porch, pergola or waterfalls.

3. Divide your project into phases

It is essential to divide your project into phases of construction, in order to minimize the amount of money that needs to be invested.

4. Consult a landscape architect

You should consult a landscape architect to see your outline and the feasibility of your project. Keep in mind that when seeking advice, you will be spending far less money than you would if you had to prepare the original project.

How to do it in practice

To create a garden with little money, it is necessary to get to work and put your project into practice. You can do it by taking small steps at a time. Are they:

Make the paths and walks in the garden

To make the paths and sidewalks found in your garden, you must use gravel, interlocking cement floor or molded cement. If you choose to use gravel, keep in mind that you must use gravel of the angular type so that the terrain is not slippery. As you build paths and sidewalks, you must eradicate all the weeds you find, so that they do not show up later.

Place tables and chairs in decorating a deck or patio

One of the decoration options most used for the creation of an economic garden is the placement of tables and chairs on a deck or in a main patio. Do a search in the large department stores, local shops and garden sales, as these are the best places to find this type of material, especially in late summer. Bear in mind that tables and chairs are an excellent adornment in the constitution of a garden, as they combine very well with a lawn , all kinds of plants and lighting accessories . Be creative and let your imagination run free when composing and embellishing a deck or patio.

Make sure your garden has a water element

For your garden to be as complete as possible, it is necessary to have an element of water. In this sense, you should go to a specialized garden store, to know all the available offer, as there are pumps and specific water sources that are easy to install in a garden patio. Build a stunning landscape and use water as an element of peace and tranquility. A trellis or a pergola are also charming decor elements and are widely used to create privacy.

Mow the lawn regularly

For a garden to be always in perfect condition, it is essential that your lawn is impeccable and, as such, it is necessary to mow the lawn regularly. Use a good lawn mower and keep your lawn trimmed at all times. It is advisable not to cut it too close, as this puts an enormous tension and stress on the grass, making it dry and brown. Consider planting fescue seeds, which is the most drought-resistant variety and does not need many fertilizers to flourish.

Outline the flower beds with the help of a hose

You can use a hose to go around a flower bed and find out what place it will occupy on the ground. In doing so, you will be delimiting a certain area and defining what will be the farmland. The soil where the flowers will stay must be rich in nutrients and must be properly fertilized so that all flowers can grow in a healthy way. Keep in mind that fertilizing a soil prevents weeds from appearing.

Invest in plants, flowers, trees and shrubs

Most of your budget should be about filling a garden, that is, the flowers and plants that may be there. In this sense, you should choose to invest in trees , shrubs and flowers native to your region, as they are cheaper and more likely to flourish in a healthy way. Choose to grow perennial plants and plant less than necessary, as the following year they will be divided and will occupy twice the space. On the other hand, you can also start planting seeds indoors, and then transplant them to your garden.

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