How to create a vegetable garden indoors

Creating a vegetable garden at home is in fashion! With a not too high budget, it is possible to create a space dedicated to domestic agriculture and thereby prepare the best homemade meals and save some money on purchases from the supermarket.
The choice of aromatic herbs , fruits and vegetables is not very wide, but with a little imagination and DIY it is possible to create a specific space for your plantations that will certainly be useful for everyday cooking or even for some special occasions. Get to know some tips to create a vegetable garden indoors, either in that corner of the kitchen or even on the balcony.

Choose the right space

For your garden to be successful, it must be done with the necessary conditions. Do not forget that plants need sun, water and adequate soil. Some plants will need to be moved outside so that they can directly sunbathe, so windows with a generous sill or balcony are a great help.

Choose what you want to plant

Most people opt for the basics: a little bit of every aromatic herb that can be created at home. Some options include oregano, mint, parsley, rosemary and thyme. You can also choose tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, beets, radishes, spinach, chives, lettuce, pumpkins and cucumbers. Keep in mind that some plants already come in pots, but you can, at the appropriate time, transplant them into the pots you want to use.

Choose the type of pots

At this point you can let your imagination run wild. It is not necessary to be a common pot for each plant. You can opt for large pots or improvised pots, like bottles of different sizes, old or broken mugs or cups, plastic bottles, wooden boxes or cans of beans.


Before engaging in agriculture itself, make sure you know what to plant in the garden . You need to be aware of your needs in relation to the sun (direct light, natural light or shade), watering needs (when to water) and whether it can be planted in groups (and how much space you should leave between them) or, on the contrary, it should be planted separately in a pot separate from the other plants. You should even research the type of soil for each plant, among other specific precautions.

Choose the irrigation method

You can choose the conventional watering can or, who knows, make a small irrigation system to make the watering system easier and the plants are watered even when you forget to do so.

Choose how to identify each plant

You can choose slate vases to write the name of the plant, use nameplates, clothes pegs with a written name, among other creative options.

Prepare and plant

It’s time to buy or prepare everything you need for your indoor garden. Earth, pots, seeds, irrigation system, special lighting (if necessary) and all the gardening tools necessary for the success of the respective garden. At this point you should already know what to plant, when to plant, when to harvest and the care that the plants require. There are necessary precautions that should not be ruled out. Do not go to your urban garden without being prepared.

After building your garden, care for it according to the needs of each plant. It should never fail under penalty of the plant drying out or being over watered and dying. You will need to watch out for pests that damage plants, herbs or vegetables. It may seem complicated, but after setting up your garden and after getting used to taking care of it, you will see that the effort will be worth it. Have you ever imagined eating organic carrots from your own garden? So, get to work !

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