How to eliminate some pests in the garden in an ecological way

In the orchards and gardens there are insects. The vast majority of insects  and other animals that exist are beneficial and enrich the environment because of the role they play. Only a low percentage of them can be potentially harmful to our plants if they are in a disproportionate number: pests .

The rotation and association of crops, the contribution of compost and polycultures are of great importance to avoid imbalances and the appearance of pests.

> Snails : the most effective methods are to remove them by hand, sprinkle diatomaceous earth or put small containers with beer. In addition, shingles or ducks are their natural predators.

> Bedbug pumpkin (Anasa tristis) it is effective neem oil spray and removeby hand.

> Aphids (aphids) : grow plants such as calendula together with vegetables and take advantage of the natural enemies of aphids such as hoverflies, ladybugs or heifers. Another way is with the infusion of onion peels. Let them marinate for 48 hours and pulverize. The infusion of rue and sage is also effective.

> Cabbage worm or cabbage: with BT and the help of wasps and birds it will also help us to reduce or eliminate the amount of worms

> Tomato worm : we can remove them by hand, have the help of the birds, use BT and planting zinnias to repel them.

> Caterpillars : birds are their natural predators. It is also effective to crush garlic and let it marinate in oil for 48 hours, then add water with neutral soap and pulverize it. It is effective with aphids as well.

> Grasshoppers : they can be eliminated by hand and take advantage of the help of their natural predators such as birds and the praying mantis.

> Pickle beetle : can be removed by hand and neem and yellow traps are also effective.

> Whitefly : spray with neutral soap diluted in water. You can also grow absinthe to repel it and prepare a mash to spray the affected areas.

> Ants : make an infusion with lavender, let it rest for 1 hour, strain and spray the plants and the areas where you want to repel them.

If you want to see many more ecological remedies to combat pests , click here

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