How to germinate an avocado pit

Sprout an avocado or avocado pit

The avocado or avocado is a tropical tree native to Central America, specifically Mexico and currently its consumption and cultivation is widespread throughout the world. In fact, there are many varieties and the Bacon is of Spanish origin, it has a smoother skin and a meat with a very buttery and pleasant texture. It is able to resist low temperatures (- 4ºC).

Avocados or avocados provide us with many health benefits (as you can see here and in a video that I have left you at the end of the post) so, why not grow avocado ourselves?

To obtain an avocado tree , we can start by germinating a bone that later we will pass to a pot or directly to the ground.

First clean the bone well and remove any debris that may remain.

Afterwards, you only need 4 toothpicks that you will nail in four points of the bone forming an X. It is very easy to nail the toothpicks.

In the third step you only have to pour water into a glass or small container and support the bone with the toothpicks on the edge, so that the bone remains inside the glass. There should be enough water in the glass to largely cover the bone.

We must place the glass in a place where it receives sun

Keep the avocado pit like this until small roots start to sprout. When these are about 10 cm long we can transfer the bone to a pot or container.

To grow avocado we must take into account some basic tips:

This needs a soil rich in organic matter, aerated and that has good drainage so that the roots do not rot. Soils with acidic pH, which are clayey and limestone, should be avoided.

Try to put a drip irrigation so that the tree gets a good amount of water constantly, but without getting waterlogged. With drip irrigation we will be able to maintain optimum humidity and also save water.

Lack of water causes the leaves to fall

If we germinate the bone in spring we will notice that it grows much better than at other times of the year.

Trees in their first stage of life are very fragile and can suffer significant damage from extreme temperatures such as frost, strong winds, many hours of sunshine, etc.

Since avocado is a tree that cannot be self-pollinated, I recommend that you plant at least two trees at the same time.

In about 5 years we can start to harvest our own organic avocados or avocados

A fact: if the seed does not germinate, it may be because too much time has passed since the fruit is harvested until it germinates. That is why it is advisable to germinate fruit stones that have been bought in local markets and that are known to have been recently harvested.


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