How to get more aromatic plants without sowing seeds: cuttings

Nothing like having your own aromatic plants in the kitchen and being able to use them fresh, they totally change a recipe . But most aromatics last one or two years so in order not to spend money buying more plants , I give you some very simple tips so that you never run out of them. In this case I used cuttings of  basil as an example.

With kitchen scissors or a sharp knife, cut a twig that measures approximately 10 cm, do it below a knot (as in the first photo) and then remove the twigs that may come out of the last 5 cm below (as in the second photo) and we put it in a container with water that we will put in the sun. We will change the water in the container every two days. From the first week is when the first roots usually appear. In total it can take about 4 weeks until we can move the plant to a pot.

Tip: one way to ensure success in rooting the plant is by wetting the lower part of the cutting and then passing it through a little cinnamon powder, this will help to root better and faster. But you can see more ways to favor the rooting of cuttings


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