How to get rid of insects in a garden

There are a lot of chemicals in the market for gardening that help prevent or treat problems like insects, but even the seemingly harmless solutions that have been used for many years can reveal new problems.

Chemical treatments are still in high demand for their ease of use, however, there is an excessive lack of information about their side effects. Although this subject can be widely discussed, it is important that we focus on the central issue of this article: insect treatments, with a special focus on harmless and biological treatments to maintain balance in Nature. How to rid your garden of insects?

The main solutions to end insect infestations

Natural predators

The main solution is to find one or more “guardians” for your garden. Frogs, for example, feed on all the bad insects for the garden, so they are an excellent option. You can also entice birds and other predators to visit your garden, as they will also help to get rid of insects.

Coffee powder

You can also opt for environmentally friendly solutions such as coffee powder, which is even beneficial when ants appear at home. Spreading a little coffee powder near the root of the problem and mixing it in the soil will repel the insects.

Organic Soap

Biological insecticidal soap is also a good solution to end an insect infestation in your garden, being its lighter version, that is, what is not an insecticide, useful to attract earthworms to the composting process – an increasingly important resource sought after and environmentally friendly.

Pesticide spray

You can also purchase pesticide spray made of natural products and harmless to the ecosystem or using other types of sprays to attract predators of these insects. If there are bad insects for the garden, there are also good ones, like the ladybug.

Home Remedies

There is also the possibility of resorting to home treatments whose indications are present in sustainable gardening books and on internet sites. They are combinations of banal products that can help you in your effort. 

Insects and animals that could damage your garden?

When you have a garden in your care, you should learn to identify which of its inhabitants are harmless (and sometimes auxiliary) and which ones could pose problems for your plants, flowers and shrubs. In this way, get to know some of the main enemies of your garden. The main bad insects for the garden are: the louse, snails and slugs , mosquitoes, caterpillars, grasshoppers and also beetles, each with its negative effects for your garden, so there must be constant control of the population of these insects in each garden.

These are some of the available and harmless solutions for the environment that will help you rid your garden of insects. Although there are already some methods, it is important for the gardener to update his knowledge by searching and learning new biological products to keep insects out of the garden in a responsible and well-informed manner.

There are several mechanisms that can be put in place to prevent the appearance of “bad” insects and to move them away from a garden without causing problems to the ecosystem. However, although it is quite difficult to ensure that insects will not return, the presence of “good” or “bad” insects in a garden is natural and should be viewed as such. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of the garden to avoid infestations and to treat them properly with attention to the possible side effects of using mechanisms to control pests. In short, look for the most natural solutions so as not to contribute to the pollution of the garden, land and water.

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