How to grow laurel in your vegetable garden or garden

Growing laurel in the vegetable garden, garden or in pots is a great way to enrich its biodiversity and take advantage of the culinary and medicinal uses of this aromatic plant. Many were the ancient cultures that appreciated the medicinal properties of laurel.

Laurel is a shrubby plant that grows wild in countries in the Mediterranean area. This plant belongs to the botanical family Lauraceae  and its Latin name is Laurus nobilis . It is a perennial plant, with a thin trunk with dark and very leafy bark. The leaves, the part used for medicinal and culinary purposes, are very aromatic, oval, narrow and dark green.

Laurel is also grown as an ornamental shrub and we can plant laurel both directly on the ground in gardens, parks and orchards and in pots on terraces, patios, etc.

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How to grow laurel in the vegetable garden or garden

plant laurel Sowing and multiplication of laurel

We can start to grow laurel by sowing the seeds in seedlings or by direct sowing, we can also make cuttings of adult plants or multiply it by the suckers that sprout around the mother plant. The seeds must be kept with constant humidity and at temperatures between 20 to 23 ºC for them to germinate.


Whether you are going to grow laurel directly in the ground or if you do it in pots, this plant needs deep soils, with good drainage and with a good contribution of organic matter. For pot cultivation we must use a pot with a minimum depth of 50 cm and a diameter of 60.


They prefer the Mediterranean climate, although they can withstand short periods of cold with temperatures below 0ºC.


Laurel is not a demanding crop in this sense, it can be grown both in full sun and in semi-shade. Of course, avoid placing it in an area with constant or strong winds because it can be sensitive to them.

Irrigation of laurel

It needs regular waterings, without abusing the amount of water. We should not water copiously because the laurel does not like excess water. If you put the drip irrigation much better, the water is dosed, the plant has an adequate supply and we do not waste this precious good.

Laurel pruning

To promote the general health of the plant, it is usually pruned once a year, preferably in winter. Always with very clean scissors, we will remove old or damaged leaves and branches.

Pests and diseases of laurel

The most common diseases are fungi (due to excessive watering), and mites such as spider mites, mealybugs and aphids from pests.


After our laurel tree is one year old, at any time we can take the leaves we need.


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