How to grow organic chives


The Chives ( Allium fistulosum L. ) are smaller and with a milder flavor variety onions, so they are usually consumed in cold dishes like salads or to make dressings, vinaigrettes, etc ..

They should be consumed before the other varieties of onions because they last less time fresh once harvested. They are very similar to the leek or garlic joint, although finer.

How to sow chives (Allium fistulosum L)

Chives are very easy to grow, we can even do it in pots or cultivation tables as long as they have a minimum depth of 40 cm.

It is important to find a semi-shady space where to place the chives, a place where they are protected and do not receive many hours of direct sunlight.

plant chives You can associate them with carrots, which will protect from pests.

If where you are going to grow the chives you had already added compost in the previous crop, you will not need to reapply it now. If not, you should apply some compost or worm castings when you aerate and work the soil a bit before planting.

To sow the chives we can do it in seedlings or seedbeds in late winter or early spring and transplant them to their final site when they measure about 10 centimeters. You can gradually sow to harvest chives for more months.

It can also be sown directly on the terrace on the same dates, but we must protect them in cases of frost.

The plants can be prepared with two parts of worm humus, one of earth and one of sand. Bury the seed to the same depth as the size of the seed itself and water with a little water carefully. The humidity in the seedbeds should be constant, but be careful not to overdo it, as fungi could grow in the seedbeds

The chive is a crop that needs regular watering and a constant humid soil during the first weeks, later only maintenance waterings are done (more sporadic) because the chive needs dry soils for it to form correctly.

Chives do not usually give much trouble in terms of pests, although we must be aware of thrips, flies and onion moth, and diseases such as mildew or rust are among their main threats. Here you have information on ecological remedies for pests

In about 10 weeks after sowing you can start harvesting them.

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