How to grow radishes?

If you are considering starting a garden at home , it is very likely that you want to start with radishes, since they are very easy to grow. In addition, they require little space and can be harvested practically all year round. If you want to know how to grow radishes , in Friends of Gardening we give you the keys to achieve it.

Radishes types

Depending on the season in which we grow radishes, they will present certain differences. For example, in autumn they tend to grow larger than in spring or summer. But what other varieties of radishes are there?

  • Radish : red radish or radish ( Raphanus sativus ) is to learn how to grow in this article. They are generally oval in shape and their skin can be red, purple, white, or pinkish.
  • Black radish : this variety of radish ( Raphanus sativus var. Sativus ) is very similar to the previous one, however, its skin is black. It is advisable to remove it before consuming this type of radish, as it is poorly digestible.
  • White radish : unlike the two previous types of radishes, the «Daikon» or Japanese radish ( Raphanus sativus var. Longipinnatus ) usually has an elongated shape and white skin.

How to plant radishes?

Regardless of whether you want to plant radishes in pots or in a fixed garden, you should know that you can do it practically all year round. However, in certain areas, sowing is discouraged during the colder months of the year. So when to plant radishes? The ideal is to do it from the beginning of spring to the beginning of autumn, since they should enjoy an optimum temperature of approximately 20ºC.

If we have decided to plant in pots, we will use small and shallow containers. In the soil, we will carry out direct sowing in the ground, with lines 20 centimeters apart. Once the radishes have germinated, we will remove some shoots to leave a space of 3 cm. between one and the next.

What care do radishes need?

We will place this root plant in a sunny place , except in the hottest months, when it prefers semi-shady areas. We will carry out a moderate daily watering , keeping the earth slightly moistened at all times, not flooded. In any case, we will avoid the use of compost, especially if it is fresh, since the plant does not tolerate it too well.

When to harvest radishes?

Radishes have an especially short cycle, therefore, we will harvest them very quickly and we will see them grow day by day. Thus, the harvest of radishes takes place after 3 or 4 weeks . Basically we must start the plant directly, being able to take advantage of the root for consumption, but also the leaves.

For their part, the radish pods can be opened, since that is where they contain the seeds. We can add them to our diet or use them to grow radishes again .

Properties of radishes

Now you know how easy it is to grow radishes! What are its properties? Know that just contain calories and are a source of calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin C . Therefore, they are great allies in those looking for a diuretic and digestive food.

And its benefits? These foods strengthen the immune system , help us to take care of the liver, the heart and are ideal to fight flu and colds. They are also recommended for asthmatics and protect cardiovascular health.

How to cook radishes and add them to our diet? There are many recipes with radishes that we can try, whether we are talking about raw or cooked radishes. Some examples are salad with radishes, roasted radishes or pasta with radishes. On the Internet we will find very varied options to consume them!

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