How to grow the avocado tree

Growing avocado in your orchard, garden, terrace or patio can be a very rewarding activity, especially if you know the properties and benefits of avocado , you will want to grow it for sure. Avocado oil is also obtained from this fruit , both for food use and for cosmetics.

The avocado, Persea americana , is a tree native to Mexico that belongs to the botanical family Lauraceae , just like the laurel . It is a lush evergreen tree with glossy leaves and flowers that grow in clusters. As the avocado is not a self-pollinating tree, we must grow two or more trees so that they pollinate each other and give us fruit.

There are different varieties of avocados, Hass (pictured below), creole, bacon, reed or pinkerton.


In this article we give you the best information for its cultivation and also, at the end, you can see a video about the nutritional properties of this wonderful fruit.

How to grow avocado or avocado

avocado cultivation Sowing and multiplication

We can sow avocado seeds and also reproduce it from grafting. Sowing is done in protected seedbeds from late winter or early spring. When you sow the seed, the pit or pit of the avocado (which must be perfectly clean and without residue) cut it about 2 cm thick at the finest end, this will facilitate germination . Then it is placed on the ground putting the widest part down and the narrowest part (the one we have cut) facing upwards. Cover lightly with soil, without pressing. Water and keep the humidity constant throughout the germination time.

Keep the seeds at an approximate temperature of 20ºC and in about 30 days the avocado pit will begin to germinate (it may take a little longer) and a month later we will transplant it to its final place of cultivation.

Another way to germinate the avocado pit is to put the widest area submerged in water and the part that ends in a point to put it up. You only need three or four toothpicks and a glass or container with water. Here you can see how.

As it is a tree that does not have roots that are too deep, avocado can be grown in pots or containers that are about 50 cm deep in patios and terraces.

When you grow avocados, remember to place them in an area protected from the wind , because the flowers, branches and fruits can be vulnerable and pollination decreases.

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: We need soils with a preferably neutral pH, with good drainage, somewhat deep and loose. Add worm humus once a year and you can also use decoctions of nettle and horsetail to strengthen it.


Although the avocado tree does well in temperate climates with some humidity, it can withstand temperatures of 10ºC. But the optimum temperature for the development of the tree is 20 ºC. Mexican avocado varieties are more resistant to cold.


We must plant the avocado in an area with good sun exposure.

Watering the avocado

It is a crop that requires regular watering and without excesses but without deficiencies, drought can cause the leaves to fall while excess water can cause avocados to fall. It is important that you observe how much water the tree is asking you to adjust it appropriately.


Annual pruning is done after two or three years of the tree to remove damaged branches or those that are growing too much. Remember that the avocado tree can grow up to 20 meters.

Avocado pests and diseases

If there is an excess of water due to irrigation or abundant rains and there is not good drainage, fungi can appear. We can also see spider mites (mites), avocado thrips and worms.


In about 5 years we will be able to start harvesting avocados or avocados. Each year, the tree’s yield is higher, bearing more fruit. Can’t wait that long to enjoy some wonderful avocados? Well then, go to the ECOagricultor online store and receive some delicious organic avocados at home . .


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