How to grow tropical plants and flowers in your garden

Tropical countries are popular for the richness of their flora and this is due to the variety and quality of the plants and flowers that exist there. Learn how to grow tropical plants and flowers in your garden and give an exotic and lush touch to your outdoor space. 

The place where you live

One of the most important factors for the cultivation of tropical plants and flowers is determined by the climatic conditions of the place where you live. A country like Hawaii, for example, has the ideal climate (high temperature and high humidity) for growing tropical plants and flowers, however, it is possible to do so in a non-tropical environment.

What are the best places to grow tropical plants and flowers

The best places to grow tropical plants and flowers are usually those found on the coast and those with the highest temperatures throughout the year. The milder climate is essential for the growth of tropical plants and flowers, as it offers them all the light and humidity necessary for their development.

On the other hand, if the place where you live has a colder climate and is not close to the coast, you need to be more selective in choosing tropical plants and flowers for your garden , as there are some varieties that are more resistant than others in the face of certain adverse weather conditions. Keep in mind that many of them will have to be transported indoors so that they can survive and thrive during the harshest winter months.

To get to know the tropical plants and flowers that best adapt to your region and the climatic conditions that are felt there, you must go to a nursery or specialized garden store, as they have everything necessary for planting to be a success.

The cultivation of tropical plants and flowers

The cultivation of tropical plants and flowers is related to the atmospheric conditions of a given region and can be carried out in different areas, such as:


The cultivation of tropical plants and flowers outdoors, for example, in a garden , is the most effective planting method and which offers the best results, since plants and flowers receive direct sunlight and remove all nutrients principal of land that are essential for their growth.

In a greenhouse

If you are unable to grow tropical plants and flowers outside your home, you can do so in a greenhouse. This place is warm and easily maintains air humidity, which is essential for the development and growth of tropical plants and flowers. Here you can manage the amount of light the plant receives and control the appearance of any type of pest or disease .

In vases or baskets

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a greenhouse or if the place you are in is not suitable for growing tropical plants and flowers outdoors, you can do it indoors, in specific pots or baskets. This is the most difficult planting method to do, as many tropical plants and flowers may not do well in this type of environment. A sunroom is the most suitable place to place the vases or baskets of tropical plants and flowers – if you don’t have it, you should place them next to a window for greater luminosity. If you choose this cultivation method, keep in mind that tropical plants and flowers need a land rich in fertilizers and nutritional supplements. Make sure you water plants on a regular basis because indoors and with air conditioning, the soil tends to dry out more quickly.

What are the main species of tropical plants and flowers

There are several species of tropical plants and flowers on the market and each of them requires certain maintenance care. Of the most important, the following stand out:

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia)

It is a very colorful and popular flower, as it has a bright blue and orange crest that resembles a bird. The cultivation of this plant requires a soil rich in nutrients and plenty of water. These plants take an average of about a month to start germinating.


This is another very popular flowering plant that has a huge variety of colors. It is a plant that requires moist, well-drained soil to grow properly and does not require constant sun exposure. The hibiscus is a plant that does well inside a house and is widely used in pots.


There are several varieties of orchids that appear in different colors and this makes these plants ideal for building a flowery and colorful garden . In general, most orchids need a lot of sunlight and high concentrations of humidity to grow in a healthy way. On the other hand, it should be noted that they require to be fertilized twice a month during the warmer months.


This is another flowering plant with white, pink and red flowers. They need to be planted in a sandy, porous soil and require an enormous amount of sunlight to grow properly. These flowers grow very quickly and take about two weeks for the first buds to grow.


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