How to improve the flowering of plants

Flowering of  flower and fruit plants , how can we stimulate it? Flowering is a process through which the flowers open to allow pollination, fertilization, the appearance of seeds and finally the formation of the fruit (in plants with fruit). Flowering usually occurs mainly during spring.

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Flowering occurs when the plant has already reached maturity in its life cycle. In the flowers is where the male and / or female organs of the plant are found and in them is where pollination and the formation of seeds and fruits take place.

In most flowering plants, whether horticultural or ornamental, the flowering process takes between two and four months. This process will be influenced by four factors: light, temperature, irrigation and the availability of nutrients provided by the soil.

How to improve the flowering of plants

orchard flowering ºº Incorporate more nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus to the substrate in early spring and repeat every 3 or 4 weeks. Plants will need an extra supply of nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus to enhance the flowering process and potassium in particular also stimulates fruit formation.

Bat guano and ashes may be the best option for these cases because it provides these two macronutrients without having an excessive amount of nitrogen. The Epsom salts can also be interesting for these cases.

ºº Sufficient sun exposure. Most flowering plants need good sun exposure during the flowering process. If you see that the flowers fall before opening, your plant needs to be in another location where it receives more light.

ºº Regulates irrigation well. If we overdo it, we can cause damage to the roots. It is best to water by drip irrigation, if the plants are in pots you can put irrigation dishes or trays under the pots and pour the water there so that the plant itself absorbs water as needed.

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Try to avoid watering the flowers so they don’t get sunburned. And remember that the lack of water can cause the fall of the flowers. On the other hand, excess water can favor the development of the aerial part of the plant, the foliage, but not the development of the flowers. It is worth paying attention to watering and trying to regulate it as best as possible, it is therefore essential to carefully observe the reaction of the plants.

ºº Remove leaves and flowers that wilt or do not look good. Also remove twigs and leaves that are in poor condition. Thus we focus the effort of the plant to keep the parts healthy. Also, they can attract pests and we don’t want to risk it.

ºº Rain and wind can hinder or hinder the flowering and pollination process of the plants in the orchard or garden that we grow outdoors, since, in the case of rain, it eliminates pollen suspended in the air and pollinating insects they cant fly. And in the case of the wind, it also hinders the flight of pollinators.


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