How to make a bouquet of roses to offer on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day asks for flowers, and usually the most classic flowers associated with this day are roses – a bunch of roses. Nowadays handmade is a big trend, and offering a bouquet of roses made by you, to your dear, will have even more meaning than if you simply buy it at the florist – especially with flowers picked from your garden .

Material: to make a bouquet of roses you need a bunch of roses, scissors, elastic and satin ribbon.


  1. Take the flowers, remove the excess leaves, as well as the thorns and rose petals that may be damaged.
  2. On a stand with water, cut 1 cm of the roses’ feet diagonally, then leave the flowers in water for about 30 seconds to allow them to drink.
  3. If the roses are not yet wide open, and you prefer to open the buds, place their feet in a bucket of hot water instead of cold – just for a few minutes, before using the roses, otherwise you can kill them.
  4. Take each rose plant, one at a time, in one hand, and use the other hand to add the flowers.
  5. Start with 4 roses placed in a square shape, these will be the center of the branch. Place the flowers one by one, around the center, to create a dome shape.
  6. To understand how the bouquet is being built, do it in front of a mirror.
  7. To hold the bouquet, use a rubber band, or floral tape, and wrap it about 5 to 8 cm below the base of the flowers. 
  8. Cut the flower feet so that they are the same length, according to what you want.
  9. Dry the flower feet, cut the ribbon, to a length about 3 times the length of the flower feet.
  10. Place the end of the ribbon on the end of the roses’ feet (if you want to cover the feet), and wrap the rest around the top. When you reach the end of the ribbon, secure it with glue or a pin.

This video shows how you can make a bouquet of roses, regardless of color, and even the type of flowers, this is the correct technique to create a beautiful bouquet. Appreciate how it is done including how to finish it with the satin ribbon.

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