How to make a garden at home?

The urban gardens are increasingly popular. If you are also considering the option of starting yours, it is important that you inform yourself to know how to start and achieve a successful cultivation. In fact, having a container garden is much easier than some people think.

In Friends of Gardening we will explain how to make a garden at home in five basic steps. Do you want to have your own urban garden? Keep reading, we give you the keys to be successful in this process.

1. Choose the pots for your urban garden

We will start this article on how to make a home garden by pointing out that there are many types of pots on the market to start an urban garden. We must choose those that are consistent with the space for our garden.

Of course, it is preferable to buy several pots to plant different types of plants. Apart from the typical round pots or rectangular planters, we can also find other types of containers, such as cultivation tables, which facilitate the task since it works more comfortably.

We can also bet on vertical cultivation systems , in which we can grow our vegetables occupying as little space as possible.

One detail that we must take into account when buying the pot is that it has holes in the base to evacuate excess water and avoid puddles, which could rot our garden.

The size of the pot or planter will directly influence the growth of some species since tomatoes, eggplants and peppers usually need more space for their roots. Instead lettuce, spinach and arugula will not need large pots.

2. Buy the seeds you want to grow

Another of the most important aspects when it comes to  growing in a pot  will be the choice of good seeds or seedlings . Before getting them, you must make sure that they are ecological and that the conditions that you can provide the plant are suitable for its growth.

Find out about the specific type you are going to plant to know, for example, how many hours of sunlight it needs or if it requires a specific substrate. That will help you figure out if it is the best plant for your home.

When choosing between seeds or seedlings (plants that are already developed) we must know that the seedlings will advance us a lot of work and will ensure their growth, however we will miss the germination process.

There are also certain types of plants that are easier to grow than others: onions, chard, spinach, garlic, arugula, radishes or lettuce are species that are easy to grow, for example. Decántate by one or more of these if you are starting in gardening, but if you already have knowledge or want to start big, you can plant peppers, beans, tomatoes, aubergines or carrots.

Depending on the time of year, we must choose some plants or others, so we advise you to inform yourself and choose the appropriate one for the season in which you are or in which you want to start growing your urban garden in pots.

3. Buy a quality substrate

One of the fundamental elements for the growth of a plant is the type of substrate  it needs. We must not skimp when it comes to buying good soil, as it is even more important than the type of seed or plant we use. Dispense with low-quality soils and bet on those that are 100% organic, spongy, rich in nutrients and that retain moisture.

We can easily find a very popular mixture ideal for our pots: it is a compound of coconut fiber , a type of natural substrate highly appreciated for the retention of water and worm castings , a 100% natural substrate, compost or fertilizer and very rich in nutrients.

4. Place the pots in the appropriate place

Now that you have the basic tools to know how to make a garden at home, you will need to know how to prepare the distribution of the plants in the area you have chosen.

For our garden in pots to develop correctly, we must locate it in a bright place  that has a few hours of direct sunlight a day. The advantage of growing in pots is that we can move them and move them around, perfect to ensure that they receive a minimum of hours of sun a day.

5. Take care of your plants: watering, compost and diseases

The irrigation we can carry out with a watering can , a bottle or some system drop by drop , always watching our plants have good drainage. However, we can always water in a conventional way, that is, avoiding wetting the leaves. When paying, we must always opt for organic fertilizers , always choosing the most suitable for our plants and always respecting the deadlines, so as not to exceed.

Finally, we want to advise you to regularly check your plants , especially the leaves (on both sides) and the stem, but also the substrate or the appearance of any foreign element. In the case of suffering a disease or infestation, we should always use natural and environmentally friendly remedies.

Do not forget that maintaining and conserving an urban garden requires time and dedication , but that with just a few minutes a day we can achieve very good results. We encourage you to start your own urban garden and tell us about your experience.

There are many reasons to cultivate an urban garden at home, such as the financial savings of having a home garden . Oh, and now that you know how to make a garden at home, be sure to find out and discover how to take care of a garden step by step.

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