How to make a miniature garden: terrariums

A terrarium is a miniature space in which we reproduce specific conditions, such as those found in a forest , a desert or a tropical jungle . They are very colorful and having them at home can be very beneficial to provide a “green” touch different from that of common plants and we can also learn a lot about the different ecosystems that we create with them.

Making a terrarium is very simple. You can start with a fish tank, a vase or with a container that has at least one of its glass walls and a wide mouth to be able to manage it. You need to put gravel or small stones first (from 2 to 4 cm) and then a dry moss layer on which we will put another 3 or 4 cm of soil with compost (or mixed with sand in 1: 3 proportions if the terrarium will be a desert ). Then you spray water and transplant or sow the chosen plants, spray again and add decorative elements that you want such as pebbles, stones, shells, branches, etc.

When choosing plants it is important to combine tall plants with other creepers to create different heights, we can also put plants of different colors and play with the textures of leaves, branches, etc. Depending on the dimensions of your terrarium you can even incorporate bonsai

For a tropical terrarium you can put ivy, bromeliads, moss, begonias, orchids, ficus, fittonia, ferns, etc.

To reproduce a desert you can use cactus, thyme, carnivores or succulents.

For the terrarium that reproduces a forest we can use African violets, vines, fern, moss, bonsai, zebrinas, parietaria, etc.

In any case, always look for small varieties so that they can be adapted to our terrarium.

It is important that the terrarium is ventilated, so that there is no excess condensation from the water.

When watering a terrarium we will do so by spraying it from above and we should not abuse the water, as the drainage is scarce and they could rot. In the case of the tropical terrarium, it will require more frequent but shorter waterings, to maintain the humidity it needs.

It is very important that you avoid exposing the terrarium to direct sun because the glass makes the magnifying glass effect on the plants and could even burn them. However, remember that it is important that you have indirect light so that the plants can grow well.

Nor is it advisable to put the terrariums near sources of heat (radiators) or cold (air conditioning).

Within the maintenance of the terrarium we will also have to carry out pruning to maintain an optimal size of the plants that we have chosen.

If you see that any plant is affected by any disease, it is preferable to remove it from the terrarium so that it does not happen with all of them.

large terrarium

hanging terrarium

terrarium box

succulent terrarium

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