How to make an air freshener or air freshener spray for your home, without harmful chemicals

Making our own spray air freshener is very simple. In addition to being able to customize the scents that we like the most, we will be using a product free of harmful synthetic chemicals that you surely do not want to have in your home and that commercial air fresheners have.

Although we are inundated with advertisements about how good their air fresheners smell, these brand names do not tell you that they are full of synthetic chemicals that have been associated with increased asthma or disruptions of the endocrine system . So do not think about it, that this spray is very simple and cheap to make and the ingredients are sure to be at home.

Ingredients to make air freshener spray

  • A can (preferably opaque glass) of spray
  • Juice or lemon juice and water in equal parts (200 ml of each)
  • Baking soda (80 gr)


Simply mix all the ingredients in the pot, shake well and spray where you want to get a fresh and natural smell. You can spray in the bathroom, on clothes (it does not stain), curtains (especially if you smoke indoors), sofas, bedding, etc. Remember to shake it before use.

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