How to make an infusion of medicinal plants

The infusion is the most common and simple way to use and take advantage of the properties of medicinal plants . When buying medicinal plants, opt for those that are in bulk instead of those that are already in bags. The standard amount that is usually used of medicinal plant is one teaspoon (about 5 gr) per cup (200 ml) in the case that the plant is dry, if it is fresh you will need double the amount.

Did you know that if you use several different plants in the same preparation, it is called  tisane ?

An option to sweeten infusions and herbal teas is agave syrup .

How to make an infusion of medicinal plants

The infusions can be made in two ways: cold or hot.

Cold infusion : in a cup we put the medicinal herb and add water at room temperature. Cover and leave like this for 8 hours or overnight. We strain and we can sweeten with stevia, yacon syrup, agave, cinnamon, brown sugar, or you can even add a few drops of lemon. Thus we make the most of the active principles of the plant.

Hot infusion : we put the medicinal plant in the cup and heat the water, before it boils we pour the water into the cup. Cover and let stand between 3 and 10 minutes. Then we strain, sweeten if we wish and drink little by little when it has cooled down.

Likewise, in this same way you can also prepare Tea , which is made with the Camellia Sinensis plant

Starting from one of these two ways of preparing infusions and teas, you can also make iced tea,  with ice or lemonades with medicinal plants.

It is important that you do not forget the step in which we cover the infusion once the water has been incorporated so that neither the essential oils nor the active principles are evaporated and lost. This way we make sure that we take advantage of all the benefits that medicinal herbs offer us.

It is advisable not to use white or refined sugar or saccharin to sweeten infusions or teas, besides being very harmful to health they are addictive. It is strongly discouraged to use the microwave to heat the water.

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