How to make liquid soap by recycling oil using

To make soap we will need a plastic bowl, a stick or spoon to stir, gloves, a mask and molds (these could be a plastic box or molds of figures), in addition to the ingredients.

The resulting soaps cannot be used until a month after they are made and if we want them for body use it would be necessary to measure their pH by means of test strips, so as not to produce imbalances in our skin.

We must always be very careful since the reaction of caustic soda with water is dangerous and should not come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes. Nor should we breathe the gases that are produced. The ideal is to carry out this part of the process outside or in a very well ventilated room, protecting ourselves with gloves and a mask.

How to make liquid soap by recycling oil using


3 liters of water

375 ml of used sunflower oil, we can also use used olive oil.

75 grams of caustic soda

A teaspoon of salt.



1) Mix the soda with the water. Be very careful not to breathe the gases produced in the reaction or come into contact with the reacting liquid. For this we must use gloves and a mask. Stir the mixture until the caustic soda flakes dissolve.

2) Add the oil little by little, stirring intermittently always in the same direction. Add the salt. We can also add a few drops of eucalyptus essence.

3) Put the mixture in a bottle, which we will shake 2 times a day and leave it uncovered in a dry place without light.

4) After 15 days it is ready to be used.



This soap is perfect for washing dishes.

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