How to make organic pesticide at home

Organic pesticides help to preserve the safety and integrity of your plants, without having to resort to dangerous chemicals. Learn how to make organic pesticide at home and keep the beauty of your plants and the well-being of your garden intact.

What is an organic pesticide

Organic pesticide is one of the mandatory elements that every gardener must have in order to grow and care for a garden . It is a specific compound that is free of harmful chemicals and protects the growth of plants from all types of insects that live on the land or in its flowers and vegetables, including worms, mites and other parasites. There are several types of organic pesticides that are for sale in nurseries and in specialized garden stores, however, you can also make an organic pesticide without leaving your home.

What materials are needed to make an organic pesticide

To successfully make an organic pesticide at home, it is necessary to gather the following materials:

  • An empty and clean bottle
  • A spray bottle with spray nozzle
  • A blender
  • A funnel
  • A clean cloth
  • A 4-liter pot, pot or jar
  • Two small onions
  • A jalapeno pepper
  • A clove of garlic
  • A piece of cleaning soap

How to make an organic pesticide in practice

The preparation of an organic pesticide in your home is an easy task and can be done by anyone. To do this correctly, it is necessary to follow the following 6 steps:

1. Heat and prepare the water

To start making an organic pesticide, you need to add approximately 4 liters of water to be heated. Afterwards, when the water is very hot, you should pour it into a pot, pot or a specific jar.

2. Cut the vegetables

After gathering all the vegetables necessary for making an organic pesticide, it is necessary to cut them into small pieces. They do not need to be geometrically cut, as they will not be served at any meal. That way, you should chop the two onions, half the garlic and ¾ of the jalapeño pepper. These ingredients are essential for making an organic pesticide, since they kill harmful insects that can invade a garden .

3. Mix all the vegetables and put them in water

Once you have cut all the vegetables, you should mix them in a blender until you have a liquid without lumps. Then, pour the pasty preparation into the pan of hot water and let it stand for approximately 20 minutes. This “soup” will be the basis of an organic pesticide and, at this stage, the tastes and odors will be very strong. Many gardeners add ¼ of a cup of vinegar to vegetables, as they consider vinegar to be the ideal ingredient to make the soil surface of plants more acidic, preventing pests from laying eggs.

4. Filter the vegetables

As soon as the odors and flavors of the vegetables are mixed in the water, the preparation needs to be filtered into a jug. At this point, you can use a funnel and a clean piece of cloth to prevent the passage of the vegetables and to filter them. You can also use another type of filters, such as the coffee filter, but the cloth offers the best results. Please note that the preparation that accumulates in the filter cloth can be extracted into a jug and the rest can be thrown away or placed in a compost pile to make organic fertilizer .

5. Add cleaning soap

Add a piece of cleaning soap to the preparation that has been filtered. The soap will make the plants have an unpleasant taste and odor for insects and this is an asset in terms of their protection. However, you should buy a soap made with petroleum, perfumed, with dyes and biodegradable to be more environmentally friendly. By following all these steps, you will be able to make a very effective organic pesticide to combat all types of pests and insects that endanger the beauty of your plants.

6. Apply the organic pesticide

Use a funnel to fill the spray bottle with organic pesticide and cover it with the respective spray tip. The remaining liquid should be stored in a cool place for a maximum period of two weeks. If it is necessary to use it again, just shake it well. After filling the spray bottle with organic pesticide, apply it on the plants of your garden. You must spray the organic pesticide on the entire plant, including the soil, the trunk and the leaves, so that it is as effective as possible. Note that the organic pesticide must be applied for 3 or 4 sessions and these must be separated from each other for a period of 4 or 5 days. This is undoubtedly one of the best treatments to eradicate all types of pests and insects that hinder the growth of plants in your garden.

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