How to plant a garden by the sea

The construction of a garden on the edge can be more difficult to implement and maintain because, in most cases, people only go to the beach house in the warmer months of summer. Thus, learn how to plant a garden by the sea and build a flowery paradise in perfect communion with the surrounding natural landscape.

In order to make the best garden by the sea and not to waste too much time on your holidays in maintenance, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Choosing low maintenance plants

When building a garden by the sea, it is essential to choose plants that are low maintenance. As a rule, a garden by the sea can be abandoned for most of the year and, as such, it is practically impossible to be carefully treated. In addition, coastal regions have specific climatic conditions, such as rain, wind, salt air and sandy soils with high levels of salinity, which means that not all flowers survive in this context. To choose the best low-maintenance plants that are suitable for a garden by the sea , you should go to a nursery or specialized garden store to find out which are the most suitable main varieties.

Build a garden that is in perfect harmony with the natural landscape

To make a perfect garden by the sea it is essential that it combines and fits in with the natural beauty of the seafront. Bear in mind that this is one of the most important aspects in the beautification of an outdoor space, as it will determine the success or failure of your work. In case of doubt, you should look for a professional landscape decorator to get a better opinion about the elements that will make up your garden and whether or not they are balanced and harmonious in relation to the surrounding landscape. Most landscapers choose to choose tropical plants , as they adapt to the weather and combine very well with the beach landscape.

Acquire plants of local origin

In order to safeguard your interests, and so that your garden by the sea is always splendid throughout the year, you must purchase plants that are of local origin. The plants of local origin are prepared to withstand the adverse climatic conditions that are felt in that same region and have an easier adaptation than the others. Keep in mind that plants should not block the view to the sea, on the contrary, they should enhance and illustrate it with harmony.

Raise the terrain

Very low terrain can be invaded by sea water, especially when the tide is high. In order for this not to happen, you must raise the relief of your garden’s terrain, otherwise all the work you did on the respective construction can be swallowed up by the force of the waves. In this regard, it is also advisable to build a fence around your garden, so that it is as protected as possible.

Analyze garden land

The land of a garden by the sea must be analyzed in detail, so that the plants that are grown there grow in a healthy and consistent way. The soil must be rich in nutrients and, as such, needs to be properly fertilized. Normally, as they are very sandy, they must be conditioned with clayier soil and organic fertilizers . Keep in mind that a well-prepared soil allows your garden to always be in great condition.

Buy ultra resistant materials for garden decoration

In the decoration and composition of a garden by the sea, you must purchase all types of furniture and accessories that have the maximum resistance, so that they remain in use as long as possible. One of the most economical and durable choices is polypropylene, as this material is light, washable and has a special resin that protects against ultraviolet radiation. You can also purchase resistant wood such as teak, which does not require any maintenance and is protected with a specific nautical varnish that maintains the quality of the decorative objects.

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