How to plant a vegetable garden

A garden does not have to be exclusively composed of flowers that we harvest to decorate our homes – it can also be grown with vegetables, 100% natural that pass directly from the earth to our kitchens and tables. Learn how to plant a small vegetable garden and indulge in gastronomic gardening!


Creating a small vegetable garden does not require a large area of ​​land – just one square meter is needed to plant the first seeds and grow the first vegetables. In reality, you don’t even need a piece of land, that is, if you live in a space without a garden, you can still create a small vegetable garden. Like? Use a container or box of one square meter or spread the vegetables over several large pots.


There are only 4 important requirements to ensure the success of a vegetable garden: a light and nutritious soil; a sun exposure of about 6 hours a day; water for daily watering; some time and dedication – which will not be difficult when you start to see the vegetables you planted growing, gaining life and color!


When choosing the vegetables to plant in a garden, the following criteria must be taken into account:

  • The tastes of those who are going to consume the vegetables: plant only the vegetables that you enjoy and that you know will be consumed.
  • Type of vegetables: in addition to planting vegetables that you enjoy, know that there are some vegetables that are easier to grow than others, such as lettuce, tomatoes , eggplant, peppers, onions, carrots, green beans and split peas, for example. In addition, before purchasing any type of seed or graft, you should be well informed about each species – whether it allows one or more harvests, how many times a year, whether it requires a lot of space or if it can be grown in a pot.
  • The amount to plant: depending on the size of the family in question, the consumption habits of vegetables and whether the vegetables chosen to plant produce many fruits or not, you must choose the quantity you want to grow. If it’s your first time to grow a vegetable garden, start with less.

From the garden to the table

Not everyone can afford to say that they eat what they grow – a real privilege if we consider that vegetables grown in a home garden gain in color, texture and flavor, and are not comparable to vegetables purchased at the supermarket. Once proven that a vegetable garden does not require much more work than sowing, watering, harvesting; and, of course, after tasting your vegetables at the table, the temptation will be to continue gardening, perhaps in larger quantities, perhaps with new vegetables in the mix.

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