How to plant tomatillo

Physalis philadelphica or Physalis ixocarpa

The tomatillo, which can also be called Mexican tomato or peeled tomato, is a plant that can exceed 1 m in height. Its fruits, similar to small tomatoes, are surrounded by a capsule with a texture similar to papyrus or paper. They are widely used in Mexican cuisine, in sauces and preserves, and can be eaten fried or cooked. The ripe fruits are usually green, but there are also plants with yellow and purple fruits.


Tomatoes grow best in hot weather. The minimum recommended temperature for cultivation is 16 ° C.


Cultivate preferably with direct sunlight. However, this plant is tolerant to partial shade, as long as there is good light.


Cultivate in well-drained, fertile soil and rich in organic matter. Although it is not a demanding plant in terms of soil pH, the best results are obtained with a pH between 6.5 and 7.


Irrigate to keep the soil moist, but not soaked.


The seeds can be sown in the final place or in sowing, modules, pots, and other containers, and the seedlings must be transplanted when they are approximately 10 cm high. Leave the seeds about 1 cm deep or less.

The recommended spacing is at least 90 cm between the planting lines and 45 to 90 cm between the plants.


At least two different plants are required for fruit formation. Plants are self-incompatible, that is, there is no fertilization in a flower with pollen from the same plant.

Remove invasive plants that are competing for nutrients and resources.


The harvest of green tomatillos is done when the wrapper starts to break. For tomatillos of other colors, the harvest can be made when the fruit is the color of the variety.

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