How to save on home decoration in Spain?

With the beginning of each year, Spaniards (like a good part of the global population) set a series of goals that they want to achieve over the coming months. These can be as varied as quitting smoking, changing eating habits, exercising more, changing the professional path, among many others.

However, one of the most common goals is home remodeling.

According to several studies , home decoration represents much more than maintaining an attractive and organized living space, it is also an essential part of personal development and the attitude with which we face the daily routine. That is why, for those who make recurring changes, it is necessary to save on each purchase.

Home decoration in Spain

Thanks to Spain’s proximity to countries that not only produce millions of furniture and ornaments each year, but also set trends in the industry, such as Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, among several others, our culture has achieved soak up this need to stay on the cutting edge of decorating issues.

In this way, placing home decoration and remodeling as a New Year’s goal is important for Spaniards, especially for companies (national and international) operating in the country, who see an infinity of business opportunities.

Winter sales

Luckily for many, something that the winter period in Spain is usually known for is the January sales (which sometimes can even extend into the first days of March) that retailers across the country usually launch. Although the most attractive low prices may be those for mass consumption, the truth is that all categories launch their own discounts.

In the case of home decoration, when relating it to the previously stated New Year’s goals, it is possible to see the emergence of hundreds of discounts on all kinds of products. The chain of German origin, Lidl, is one of the representatives of the sector that has launched with greater force this season of winter offers.

The Lidl brochure shows us that it is possible to spend less than 40 euros on a shelf, whose market price usually exceeds 50 euros; at the same time, we can buy a chest of drawers for 49.99 euros, when the average price is almost 60 euros; and finally, we can find work tools such as a welding screen, a grinder, or a rechargeable drill for less than 30 euros each.

Industry trends

As is common with each passing year, consumer trends change, especially in industries such as fashion and decoration. In the case of the latter, it is possible to investigate what big brands in the sector such as H&M say , or what will be seen in renowned events such as Intergift Madrid.

According to these sources, the most current would be warm colors, with velvet finishes that indicate finesse and delicacy. Earth tones would be among the most demanded, as well as objects with circular or curvilinear shapes, capable of giving a much more refined and minimalist facet to our spaces.

Whether you want to decorate your home as a sign of personal renewal, or you simply want to change some of the most worn items in your collection, the reality is that the month of January would be perhaps one of the best to make the purchases you need. . If not, it will be necessary to wait until the next consumer party to find the best prices.

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