How to use hemp, chia, and flax or linseed seeds

Surely you know that hemp seeds , the chia seeds and seed flax or linseed are very healthy for the great contribution of beneficial properties for our health, but you know use them properly to take advantage of all its benefits ?.

Using these seeds in the kitchen can be very simple and you will be incorporating more nutrients, vegetable proteins, fiber , antioxidants and beneficial fats such as omega 3s to your diet.

How to use hemp, chia and flax seeds

How to use hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are very rich in nutrients. They are an excellent source of essential fatty acids and also provide us with all the essential amino acids, very important because our body cannot produce them and they must be incorporated through food.

To obtain the benefits of hemp seeds, you can take them by adding them to both sweet and savory dishes. Do it once you have served them and add the hemp seeds last.

You can also use hemp seeds to make a plant-based drink or milk. To a liter of water add 150 g of hemp seeds that we will have soaked in water for 8 hours. Beat well and strain. To this drink you can add a little cinnamon, liquid stevia or you can even mix it with natural fruit juice.

Another way to take hemp seeds is by germinating them (see here ), you can also lightly toast them in the pan or oven and even grind them just before adding them to ready-made dishes.

How to use chia seeds

These small seeds can be very versatile in the kitchen and we can use them in the preparation of various dishes. They are a source of Omega 3 , a very important fatty acid that participates in a multitude of functions that are carried out in our body. But in addition, chia seeds provide us with carbohydrates, vegetable protein, minerals such as calcium and fiber .

Chia seeds have a mild flavor, so we can combine it with other foods with a more intense flavor and it will not modify it.

When chia seeds are mixed with a liquid, it is left with a gel- like texture . To give you an idea, chia seeds can absorb up to 12 times their size in water. Once you mix the chia with the liquid, let it rest for between 10 and 15 minutes to gel.

You can incorporate between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of chia seeds along with your oatmeal cereals (a good combination) at breakfast. You can also add them to yogurts , to thicken sauces and dressings and to prepare chia jam by mixing smoothie or homemade fruit juice with chia.

Another way to take them is to grind the chia seeds . It is advisable to grind the seeds that you are going to consume at that time because once the seeds are ground they begin to rancid and the fatty acids are lost.

Finally, I recommend that you also try to germinate the chia seeds . You just have to spread two tablespoons of chia on two wet napkins or paper towels that we will have put in a round or rectangular container in which they have enough space. Store the seeds in a closet or dark area for the first three days. Spray the seeds three times a day to maintain some moisture. Before a week you will see that the sprouts have already come out and you can add them to salads and any other dish you want.

How to use flax or linseed seeds

These seeds provide us with omega 3 and can help reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Also, flax seeds contain phytoestrogens.

If we take the flaxseeds as they are, they will not be absorbed and used by our body. One way to consume flax seeds is by grinding them in a grinder just before consuming them. Grind only the amount of seeds that you are going to consume at any given time, as the fatty acids they contain oxidize and lose part of their nutritional benefits. Afterwards, the flax seeds can be sprinkled on any already cooked or prepared dish, such as purees, soups, salads, sauces, smoothies, etc.

Another way you can use flax seeds is to mix a teaspoon of these seeds with 100 ml of water. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes and then drink it as is or add it to a juice or natural smoothie. You will see that the seeds have formed a gel with the water.

Ah! a curiosity, did you know that you can make homemade hair gel with flax seeds?


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