How to use organic fertilizer

The use of organic fertilizers helps to build a more fertile and nutrient-rich soil. Learn how to use organic fertilizer and make your garden plants healthier than ever.

What is organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer is a compound which aims to overcome the defects in vital substances for the survival of plant fruit, vegetable or flower garden. It is used in agriculture to help make the land more fertile with nutrients and its mission is to improve the production of a plantation naturally and without the use of chemical fertilizers. The application of an organic fertilizer on the soil promotes the development of microbial flora which, consequently, will improve the physical conditions of a soil.

The importance of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is of enormous importance in the land , since it protects and enriches the plantations, making them more profitable in the short term and this guarantees the best results for a soil. Currently, it is possible to reduce and reuse and this happens thanks to the fertilizers that are used in organic gardening. The use of organic fertilizers allows to obtain an ideal soil, that is, rich in humus, with loose and clay soil, which allows good drainage and oxygenation. In this way, the use of a good organic fertilizer allows a soil to have all the desired nutrients and this makes fruits, flowers and vegetablesplanted are even healthier. There are several organic fertilizers, but one that is more environmentally friendly is the one that reuses coffee beans , which in turn feeds and beautifies the composition of a garden.

When to use an organic fertilizer

Most land contains the essential ingredients for plants, fruits or food to grow. However, this may not be enough and in some cases it is necessary to use a good organic fertilizer to fertilize and enrich the soil better. As in the following examples:

When the seed grows in containers

It is possible to prepare good soil for any type of container by composting a garden, clay and leaf molds together with specialized mixes of organic fertilizer.

When nutrients from demanding crops are in development

When the nutrients of a particular crop are growing, it is necessary to use some type of organic fertilizer so that the food or vegetables have all the nutrients necessary for good nutrition. Potato farming is a good example of this.

When the seeds grow on land that is usually infertile

The use of organic fertilizer improves the quality of a compost and with this increases the probability of having productive farmland when the soil tends to become dry and infertile.

For crop rotation

Organic fertilizers are very useful as supplements for those who choose to rotate crops on their land. This type of technique guarantees an intensive use of your soil and with that you get the maximum yield from a plantation.

For plants that grow in the same location for long periods

It is the type of plant that regularly needs organic fertilizers, otherwise the soils are dry and infertile. This is the case with shrubs, grass , hedges or fruit trees.

Always try to add organic fertilizers for the most important crops and for flower gardens . You must recycle all green waste through composting and retain maximum humidity so that the soil is as fertile as possible. This is the best way to care for a soil, get healthier food and plants, and be more environmentally friendly .

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