Hybrid Flowers: [List, Examples, Characteristics and Care]

Hybrid flowers are those that have been produced from the union of two different plants. This process is generated by natural conditions or horticultural actions.

In the first case, it is an action of absolute normality in nature, while in the second a specific purpose is sought.

This purpose can go around the color, texture, shape, smell, among many others.

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hybrid gerbera

It is one of the main flowers that we can find within this family and that has managed to adapt very well as a seasonal plant.

The mixture of the gerbera jamesonni and the gerbera viridifolia are the ones that have given rise to this new species, which is the one that is most commercialized.

Both species of gerbera are of African origin, so their result could be said to come from there as well.

However, the hybrid gerbera did not occur naturally but rather responded to horticultural or laboratory aspirations.

This has resulted in a much stronger gerbera, which grows in different conditions and whose flowering is numerous and with excellent characteristics.

The colors of the gerbera have been modified on some level, resulting in a fairly wide color wheel.

Thanks to the beauty of the hybrid gerbera and the fact that it has a rather prominent size, it is widely used for decoration.

hybrid roses

When talking about hybrid flowers, one of the most famous in the world is the rose.

Although it is a fact that their natural beauty is more than enough, they have been worked on in order to further improve their structure and modify colors.

So we find roses that are not only of a particular color, but also have the addition of specks of other colors in their structure.

The petals have also been modified, making them more numerous and more resistant. With the process of making hybrid roses, its smell has also been improved, achieving a much more prominent and exquisite fragrance.

Hybrid flowers are much more resistant to pests and diseases and rose bushes have been extensively worked on based on this matter.

The fact is that the work of making hybrid roses has not been given since the present time but dates back several years.

And its best known representation is the «Tea» rose.

tea rose

Created during the 1800s, the tea rose is the most common hybrid rose species in the world and, without a doubt, the most charming.

Although it could be cataloged with a name, it is actually a large family of roses that stand out for one main aspect: their aroma.

The work with this rose has made it possible to obtain very healthy and larger rosebushes than those that occur by natural action.

It is also noteworthy that they are usually much more adaptable to the conditions of the environment, although they will always require compliance with certain aspects such as the pH level of the soil, which cannot be very acidic.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of this type of rosebush is that it does not require much care.

This has allowed people who are not very fond of agricultural work or are short of time to enjoy their rose bushes in optimal conditions.

On the other hand, the production of flowers is not limited as in the case of natural bushes, but is usually much more numerous and of higher quality.

Aquilegia Vulgaris

Aquilegia vulgaris is a small plant that produces showy flowers and is native to Spain.

Its flowering usually occurs during the spring- summer period, adorning the gardens where it is planted.

As for colors, there are many varieties. They are able to be presented in a single color or also with two-color mixtures.

Of course, it is necessary to consider that it is an inedible plant , so care must be taken in the places chosen for planting.

Of the rest, all that remains is to enjoy an ideal species for gardens, terraces or to put together compositions together with other flowers.

Hybrid Flower Care

The care of hybrid flowers will be, by far, less than what could be done with a natural species.

The reason is that they have not only been modified to improve their structure and flowering capacity, but also around their strength.

So, it is important to pay attention to elements such as irrigation and sun exposure.

But perhaps it is not necessary to pay so much attention to the issue of fertilization and the attack of pests or diseases because they are also usually very resistant.

There are even species that are already treated to resist any attack.

In any case, it is essential to gather all the pertinent information on each species to offer them just what they need.

Characteristics of hybrid flowers

The main characteristics of hybrid flowers are adaptation to the conditions that are most attractive to growers.

These can be modified around the nutritional needs of the land, the size, the shape and even the colors.

Although it is rare for people to be familiar with these concepts at home, growers do make classifications based on various characteristics.

Thus, not only do you have gerberas and that’s it, but you have large, medium and small gerberas separated by color.

Even within the same color there may be lighter or darker variations that are also important at the time of planting and sale.

Another interesting fact regarding hybrid flowers is that in some cases it has been possible to keep outdoor plants indoors. This has been achieved by reducing their growth potential or their need for sun exposure, for example.

The meaning of hybrid flowers

The meaning of hybrid flowers is highly variable and is closely related to the type of flower and its color.

In general, the meaning of flowers is attributed more to the color they have than to their own structure or origin itself.

However, it is worth knowing that many hybrid flowers tend to have a much higher charm than natural ones.

For example, black roses are seen as exotic flowers, impossible to obtain naturally and that gives them a high social value.

So if you want to have excellent quality hybrid flowers at home or in the garden, don’t hesitate to look for your favorite in a store dedicated to this.

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