Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide: 15 home remedies

The hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a colorless liquid which has many utilities, including is very effective bleaching and disinfecting. The hydrogen peroxide that we use at home has a concentration of 3%, it is cheap, easy to get and it is useful for many everyday home remedies and tricks. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial and antifungal properties, eliminating microbes in general.

Remember that hydrogen peroxide is used externally, it should never be ingested.

Home remedies with hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide

1.- Clean wounds on the skin

2.- It is very useful to disinfect the toothbrush . In a glass mix water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts and put the brush overnight. In the morning it clears up and that’s it.

3.- If we add it to toothpaste it will have a slight teeth whitening effect . It should not be used more than once a week.

4.- You can add it to the detergent to whiten clothes

5.- To disinfect the dishwasher , you can use hydrogen peroxide. You just need to put a little bit in the detergent cartridge.

6.- Due to its antifungal action, it is excellent for eliminating fungus , either on the feet or on the bathroom joints.

7.- It can be used to clean children’s toys, telephones, remote controls, computer keyboard, etc.

8.- Prevents and fights foot odor .

9.- It is very practical to clean the home. We can use it to clean the most conflictive areas of the house such as the bathroom and the kitchen .

10.- It can be used to whiten the armpits

11.- It is very useful for cleaning the food cutting board . Eliminate all microbes without being aggressive with our health.

12.- Prevents wounds from becoming infected due to its antiseptic action .

13.- It is capable of removing blood stains . Leave the area submerged in hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes and then in the wash also add a little hydrogen peroxide along with the usual detergent.

14.- It can be used to clean the mouth in depth. Water and hydrogen peroxide are put in equal parts and swish or rinse. It should not be swallowed under any circumstances. Do not use more than once a week

15.- It can also be used in the orchard and garden to eliminate fungi. It is diluted in equal parts with water and the affected areas are sprayed.

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