Hypertension or high blood pressure: 10 tips to reduce it naturally

The hypertension or high blood pressure is a common pathology and has a well known health effects that can be very harmful, such as increasing the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Blood pressure measures the force that blood exerts on the walls of the arteries each time the heart pumps it. We speak of high blood pressure when it is equal to or greater than 140/90 mmHg

Healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet with several daily servings of fruits and vegetables, quitting smoking and reducing the intake of processed food, staying well hydrated, moderate exercise and learning to de-stress are practices that will help us to have a good general mental and physical health.

How to lower high blood pressure or hypertension

The salt

Avoid processed foods because they tend to contain large amounts of salt, even those that you least suspect. Another measure you should take is to substitute the refined salt for sea salt. A trick to use less salt when we cook is to use aromatic plants to flavor our meals without using salt, or at least reducing the amount.


This food-medicine is more than known for its properties to fight bacteria and fungi, it is also very beneficial to reduce hypertension and even fight arteriosclerosis. Take one or two cloves of garlic with a glass of warm water twice a day to help lower blood pressure.

Cinnamon infusion

In addition to promoting digestion, cinnamon is another natural remedy used for hypertension and even to take care of heart health thanks to its content of manganese, iron, calcium and fiber. In several studies it has shown that in addition to reducing blood sugar levels it also reduces blood pressure.


Celery is a vegetable with innumerable health benefits, and one of them is that it reduces the tension in the walls of the arteries and favors the good circulation of blood flow thanks to a compound that it has, butylphthalide. In addition, celery has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and helps eliminate excess fluid due to its diuretic effect.


One of the many medicinal uses of oregano is that it helps us fight hypertension thanks to the potassium content it contains. It is best to drink it fresh or dry as an infusion, one teaspoon per cup.

Coconut water

Natural coconut water is very rich in electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin C that help us reduce hypertension. Drinking one or two glasses of coconut water a day will help us stay hydrated and reduce tension. Coconut water must be natural, directly from the fruit, not bottled or processed.

Control your weight

One of the most common risk factors for hypertension is being overweight and obesity. Excess fat accumulates in the arteries and the pressure on their walls increases, causing serious damage to the cardiovascular system.

Balance diet

We know that diet is directly related to our health, and the case of hypertenison is no exception. A bad diet is the biggest cause of high blood pressure. The consumption of alcohol, junk or junk food, processed and artificial products, rich in trans fats and refined salt are very dangerous to health. Instead, cook with extra virgin olive oil , try to eat between 4 or 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, which will provide us with very valuable amounts of manganese, potassium and fiber.

Perform physical exercise

Practicing moderate physical activity several times a week is another natural and simple way that we have within our reach to lower tension. It also helps us maintain our weight and avoid having extra kilos.

Reduce stress

Stress directly affects our physical health, and it can be a problem if we constantly live in a state of sustained stress because it would affect us, among other things, to raise our tension. Seek to do activities that you like and that help you disconnect from work and home. Meditation is a practice that has been shown to help our mental health in many ways. Relaxation helps us release stress and reduce blood pressure, take a few minutes a day to relax.

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