I ran gardening

I ran gardening

Gardening courses are becoming increasingly popular, because in recent years more and more people have rediscovered the joys of this relaxing and useful hobby. They are so widespread that it can be difficult to untangle the different offers and choose the right one, the one that suits you best. For example, perhaps not everyone knows that some regions offer gardening courses almost free of charge, sometimes open to everyone, sometimes only to the unemployed. This happens for example in the area of ​​Lake Como, dotted with large villas that often employ more than one gardener at a time. The gardening course can therefore also become an investment in the future with a view to finding a job in the sector. To keep yourself at a hobby level,

Professional gardening courses

If the goal is to learn how to be professional gardeners, there are numerous professional gardening courses throughout the Italian territory. Among the most famous in Northern Italy is that of the Minoprio Foundation, in Vertemate con Minoprio, in the province of Monza and Brianza, which trains gardeners with different specializations in a school surrounded by greenery. Another renowned school is the Monza park school. For central Italy there is the Tuscan Horticulture Society which has been promoting professional gardening courses for two years. As for the courses promoted by the Region, it is good to keep yourself informed by consulting the closest InformaGiovani or InformaLavoro, who usually know all the news on the subject. These are just a few examples, but gardening courses are offered almost everywhere, you need to inquire.

Free gardening courses

Search for free gardening coursesit’s slightly more insidious: first of all, it’s never easy to find something for free. Secondly, the free courses are often aimed at the unemployed, and therefore are organized at times and with a frequency that make them difficult for those who work to follow. Furthermore, they are usually thought of as professionalizing courses. An example are the free courses of the ONLUS foundation Casa di Carità arts and crafts, which operates in Piedmont (Turin, Tortona, Ivrea, and beyond) organizing professional courses in various sectors, from hairdressing to car repair, passing through gardening. For more hobby-level courses, it is necessary to turn to smaller or more specialized realities: the Tuscan Society of Horticulture, for example, at the Monza Park, or the local Arts and Crafts societies.

Online gardening courses

For those who just don’t have time, there are also online gardening courses. In addition to the increasingly popular free tutorials offered on youtube, some even of a high level, there are courses organized by the same schools. This way anyone can attend a course even if they work in awkward hours or on shifts. A school that organizes online courses is, for example, the High School of Gardening of Flora 2000 garden shop, which is based in Casa Lugarde, in Budrio, in the province of Bologna. Not that this matters, since anyone, anywhere in the world, can take their courses. Online courses are more widespread than one might think, and for this reason it is necessary to make even more in-depth selection work, to avoid low-level courses or rip-offs.

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