Iberis sempervirens, upholstered look would be worth having in the garden

Iberis sempervirens also known as Silver Basket or Carraspique . The name Iberis is derived from Iberia, the old name by which Spain was known, the place of many species of this genus. While the nickname sempervirens announces the evergreen nature of the foliage. It belongs to the Brassicaceae family, being native to southern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula.

Characteristics of the Iberis sempervirens

Perennial plant of the so-called evergreens. The growth is bushy and spreading, 30 to 40 cm high, with a succulent stem. The leaves are evergreen, oblong, dark green, somewhat thick glabrous. The flowers are small, white (but some varieties are found in shades of pink or purple), gathered in clusters 3 to 4 cm long and grouped in small heads that appear in the spring and can last until the summer. Like if the winter is not cold they can appear.

Iberis sempervirens care

It is an ideal species to decorate rock gardens, slopes, slopes, between stones, rockery and borders.

It is necessary to place it in full sun. Although in the winter the cold can damage it, but by the spring it recovers.

It is very resistant to drought. Hence it is used for Mediterranean dry gardens.

In very undemanding to watering. So this should be done in moderation, since they do not like waterlogged, clay or poorly drained soils.

It is a plant that requires pruning after flowering, in late summer or autumn, removing dried flowers and branches. In the same way, it can be stimulated to obtain more flowers in the following season and it will maintain a more compact appearance.

As for problems, the one that could damage this species is an excess of irrigation, which could generate rotting of the roots or mildu.

It reproduces by means of cuttings, or by means of seeds, which can be sown by mini alveoli. Being the best time at the end of spring-summer. It germinates in 2 to 3 weeks at a temperature of 15 to 20˚C.

So this plant could be the perfect setting for the garden or green space, since its upholstered size will make it a show of color. But do you know her or did you know about her? If so, tell us more about  Iberis sempervirens.

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