Indoor plants that absorb ambient moisture

A very high humidity rate inside the home is not what we need to live in a healthy environment. Not only is not being able to breathe well alarming for health, but also the creation of fungus on the walls that can affect us. However, there is a natural resource that can help you get rid of this problem: indoor plants that absorb humidity .

Plants that absorb moisture from the environment

  • Spathiphyllium : better known as the spatifilo or peace lily, it is a very easy-to-care indoor plant that requires a lot of environmental humidity to develop properly. In fact, it is also usually grown in ponds, since it grows very well in water. This is undoubtedly one of the indoor plants that absorb environmental humidity in order to carry out their physiological processes. They also absorb harmful chemicals like alcohol, acetone, and benzene. Don’t hesitate to have it!
  • Palma de salon: the elegans Chamaedorea is a dwarf palm tree that usually grows in moist areas and sunny, so you must provide a moist environment and give light. It can reach a height of 2 m and is one of the most cultivated palm trees indoors .
  • Hedera – Also known as ivy , it can be grown indoors in pots or hanging baskets so it won’t damage the walls and create moisture and mold.
  • Carnations of the air : they are beautiful indoor plants with a tropical climate that can survive thanks to the humidity. This plant absorbs humidity from the environment through its leaves that are covered with scales. By filtering moisture, it helps lower humidity levels in the home and prevents the proliferation of allergens and pathogens.
  • Boston fern : this plant helps to eliminate environmental humidity in an effective way, thus avoiding diseases that have to do with air pollution by benzene and xylene. The Boston fern prefers a warm, humid climate with indirect sunlight and mild temperatures.

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The excess humidity in the air in our home is not good and is very annoying, but with the help of these indoor plants that absorb environmental humidity you can improve your health and without great expense. If you have a humid place, feel free to place some of these plants in your house.

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