Influence of the moon on the development of the plant

The phases of the moon have been used to measure time, the cycles of nature and, of course, when and how to grow according to which plants. The moon has always been used as a reference to manage crops in the best possible way and, for thousands of years, this method has been refined. Observing nature has always been very important because survival was at stake.

Today in agriculture there has been much knowledge that has been transmitted from generation to generation, from farmer to farmer. It is known that there are more favorable phases to carry out certain tasks or tasks in the garden, such as when it is preferable to prune, when to plant certain horticultural plants, when to harvest, etc.

Observing natural cycles and working in favor of nature and not against it is one of the bases of ecological or organic agriculture.

As for the influence of the moon on plants, it can affect their productivity and how crops develop by raising or lowering the sap that flows through the entire plant.

As there are many factors that can intervene in the development of crops, different gardeners can obtain different results even when carrying out tasks in the same moon phase. It is important to control all the factors that can affect the plants in order to keep a record and draw clear conclusions.

Take note of the influence that each moon phase can have on vegetables:

Influence of each moon phase on plants

Crescent quarter

In this phase the light is increased and it is observed that the development of the vegetables is balanced: there is a development both in the aerial part of the plant (leaves) and in the roots.

During the crescent phase it is a good time to germinate seeds. You can start the sowing process a couple of days earlier and you will see that these seeds germinate earlier and better than during other lunar phases.

This event occurs because groundwater is mobilized and can increase the availability of water to which plant roots and germinating seeds have access.

full moon

During the full moon we will observe that the growth of the foliage of the plants is more striking than the development of the roots. It is a characteristic phase because the moonlight keeps increasing.

The flow of plant sap moves throughout the plant, from the roots to the last leaf or fruit. It is an active stage.

What chores can you do in the garden during a full moon? All the tasks that have to do with transplantation are conducive, you will see that the transplanted plants during this phase are more leafy.

Avoid making cuttings and stakes and in general tasks that have to do with the multiplication of plants. The reason is because the development of new roots is difficult

Last quarter

During the last quarter phase the lunar rays begin to lose intensity.

What tasks can you do? All those that have to do with the roots of plants. As in the full moon, the last quarter is an optimal time to perform transplants and treatments with biopreparations in the roots, either to prevent or combat pests or to stimulate their development and rooting. The development of a vigorous root is important so that the plant can obtain the water, oxygen and nutrients that it needs.

On the other hand, you may notice that the aerial part of the plant does not grow, or if it does, very slowly.

New Moon

During the new moon phase the degree of strength of the lunar rays continues to decrease even more.

What chores are done in the garden on a new moon? This phase of the moon is a good time for maintenance tasks such as hilling, tutoring, eliminating spontaneous plants and plant suckers, providing organic matter such as compost, compost, worm castings, etc. It is seen as a time for rest, ideal for crops to adapt to their environment in a very calm way.

During the new moon the general development of the plant slows down.

Slow growth of the root system and foliage has been observed in this phase. Apparently this is a period of little or very little growth, like rest, where the plants can easily adapt to the environment without suffering any damage.

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