International Mother Earth Day 2019: stop destroying nature

Surely you will think that every day should be Earth Day , but there is still a lot of awareness about the immense environmental footprint of continuing with the current consumption rhythm and the way in which natural resources are still being depleted .

No, we don’t have another planet to go to . We are in our home, planet Earth, but it does not seem that there is still enough awareness of the damage we are causing to nature. For the good of the planet itself, of the fauna and flora that inhabit it, including ourselves, we must try to have a more respectful and balanced attitude towards the environment.

Indiscriminate deforestation of jungles and forests around the world,air pollution , industrial waste, increase in greenhouse gases, poor waste management, food production based on pesticides and the impact of pesticides on the environment , the saturation of seas and oceans by plastics … Could Ecofeminism be the solution?

Almost 20 years ago the United Nations ( UN ) established April 22 to celebrate the International Day of Mother Earth . A date in which it is intended to draw attention to the importance of caring for nature and protecting biodiversity.


Every year Earth Day focuses on a specific theme and the motto for this 2019 of International Mother Earth Day is “Let’s protect our species.”

The loss of biodiversity is occurring at a forced march, loss of fauna and flora that irreparably affects all ecosystems , aquatic and terrestrial. Specifically, in agriculture, the biodiversity of cultivated plants has been reduced at a dizzying rate, according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Famines, higher incidence of pests and diseases are some of the consequences of the loss of crop diversity .

international earth day

Do you think the time to act has come?

As citizens and consumers we have within our reach to carry out small but important daily actions to protect the environment and its wealth:

  • Being responsible with our consumption habits is key. Maybe we should have habits more oriented towards minimalism rather than consumerism.


  • Prioritizing the purchase of organic food , seasonal and from here is a gesture that, in addition to contributing to caring for the environment, helps us to take care of our health and stimulate sustainable employment in rural areas and is a vital factor to avoid depopulation .


  • The environmental education to younger is an important work that can be done simultaneously both at home and in schools. We know that school gardens are an extraordinary tool to instill in children values ​​such as teamwork, patience, the ability to plan and analyze, not to forget the knowledge of nature itself and its rhythms in each season of the year. and of the foods that should form the basis of our diet: vegetables, greens and fruits . We also propose other environmental activities to enjoy with children that you can put into practice.


  • The urban community or leisure gardens between residents of the cities are being a wonderful alternative to share knowledge, experiences and obtain natural foods, grown without pesticides. Urban gardens also contribute to greening cities and creating spaces in which to get closer to nature .

Although today we know that climate change poses a great threat to both human beings and other living beings on Earth, political leaders do not seem to agree to take urgent measures to mitigate its effects.

And it seems that this inaction of governments has been the cause that are taking place demonstrations and protests all over the world: Greta Thunberg , a Swedish environmentalist only 16 years old, is able to lead and mobilize young people (and not so youth) to demonstrate on Fridays ( Fridays For Future , FFF movement called Youth for Climate in Spain) for the lack of implementation of actions and measures that protect the environment against climate change.

Let’s protect species, let’s protect Earth, on April 22 and the other 364 days of the year. Future generations have the right to live in a natural environment that does not condemn them to survive badly.

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