Japanese flowers that will captivate you from the first moment

You are looking for new challenges for the garden. Then Japanese flowers can be a great option because it will give that unique touch and you can have them without any problems. 

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Japanese flower list

Japanese flowers speak their own language , as they convey a message, which is called Hanakotoba. However, with the passage of time he was lost it all, but it would be worth retake Do not, do you think?


The Japanese lily is a reddish, black, pink, orange or yellow flower, which is very similar to the orchid that is more than 3000 years old. It symbolizes purity and chastity, it is an oriental flower of a very simple cultivation. It requires a moist soil and to be in semi-shade. Irrigation should be regular and with a periodic fertilizer.


The apricot tree is cultivated for its fruits (peach or apricot). The flower is of unparalleled beauty, being small pink, white or red. In order to grow well, it is necessary that it is in a temperate climate, it is not demanding with the type of soil, but prefers those that are light, deep and dry with good drainage.


There are more than 80 varieties of the Japanese magnolia. It grows in small trees, its flower is very similar to the tulip and is pink in color. It is a plant that prefers siliceous, deep, cool, but not humid soils. It is convenient to place it in half shade, since excessive sun can damage it.

Dog tooth

It is a very beautiful and traditional Japanese flower , which belongs to the lilac family. It can be sown from bundles and is excellent anywhere.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom or sakura flower, has small flowers that are born from the tree. Its importance is significant in Japan, since hundreds of products are produced with it. It represents the ephemeral, so life should be valued and detached from the material. This species requires cold to develop. However, it needs to be grown in warm areas. It needs deep limestone soils to prevent its branches from rotting.

Lotus flower

Among the traditional Japanese flowers is the lotus flower. Its cultivation is complicated, since it is aquatic. So it requires ponds so that it can extend its beauty.

These are just some very beautiful Japanese flowers that you can grow in the garden. Which one do you choose?

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