Jasmine, how to grow it in the garden or garden

The jasmine , Jasminum officinale , also popularly known as white jasmine or jasmine common , is a plant worth growing in the garden or yard for several reasons: we can take advantage of the medicinal properties of jasmine to care, is a plant with beautiful flowers that will give life to any corner of our garden or our house if we decide to plant jasmine indoors and also its flowers give off a very pleasant aroma that perfumes everything that surrounds it.

Jasmine is a perennial climbing shrub of the Oleaceae family that can grow up to 10 meters in height. But jasmine is not only an ornamental plant, with its flowers we can make infusions and even include them in the preparation and decoration of sweet recipes.

How to grow jasmine in the vegetable garden or garden

Cuttings, seeds

We can start planting jasmine from cuttings (you can see how to do it here ) or also by acquiring the jasmine seeds and preparing the seedlings or seedlings ourselves (see how to do it here ). They are mainly made in the fall and spring.


It is a plant that originally grows optimally in tropical and subtropical climates.


Its optimum growth temperature is between 15 and 30 ºC, although jasmine is able to withstand even frosts if we place this shrub sheltered from winds and protect the roots with mulch or mulch .


Locate your jasmine plants in a place where they receive direct sunlight, although it may be in areas with semi-shade.


It is sensitive to the wind. Avoid placing the jasmine in an area that receives winds from the north.


This plant requires deep, loose and light substrates. It is important that they have good drainage to expel excess water.


During winter it is a good time to add organic matter using worm castings or compost . In summer the operation is repeated. .


Avoid watering too much. Jasmine does not withstand excess humidity well, so it is better to control waterings well so that our plants grow properly. Through drip irrigation you can very well control the amount of water that you contribute to the plants and it is a way to use water responsibly. If you see that your jasmine plant is shedding many leaves, one cause may be overwatering.


If you let this shrub grow freely, keep in mind that it is a climbing plant, so either you prune the jasmine or you guide it with tutors . Another option is to place it on walls, walls, fences, arches, trellises, etc. to decorate and decorate at the same time.


It is a climbing shrub that grows vigorously and rapidly occupies more area. If you want to limit its growth to small spaces, you must prune the plant every few months. The pruning is done mainly after flowering and during winter also.

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