Josep Pàmies claims the use of medicinal plants and organic farming before the pharmaceutical and food industries

The farmer Josep Pàmies calls for a peaceful revolution against the interests of the large food and pharmaceutical industry.

The work that the Dulce Revolución association has been doing for years , an association in which many share their knowledge and experiences through the use of medicinal plants and natural therapies in order to recover natural medicine and popular knowledge about it. The use of these therapies as an alternative to conventional and pharmacological medicine were some of the questions that   farmer Josep Pàmies addressed in a conference that took place at the Cinestudio Municipal, Cabra.

Pàmies, who previously attended the conference to the media, pointed out the need to recover that ancestral culture of natural medicine, as is already happening in some Central European countries such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, among others, calling for the deepening of greater knowledge on the part of society “to be able to influence these administrations, often corrupt, in which there are only great interests of great perks of the pharmaceutical companies that make the laws not change.”

In addition, the horticulturist and activist, responsible for introducing stevia in Spain – a plant of tropical origin with medicinal properties and that, among other applications, is used as a sweetener – also spoke about some of those topics that are found in his latest book entitled ” A sweet revolution “, claiming a peaceful revolution of resistance to the system and self-sufficiency applied to health through the planting of medicinal plants in gardens, pots or balconies, to “heal” as for the large pharmaceutical industry he added, “it is not profitable.”

In the same way, he blamed the food industry for the consequences that super-intensive agriculture is generating, underlining the need to advance in organic agriculture , away from chemical products, for the damage that for decades it has been generating to health.


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