Kalanchoe pinnata, an ornamental plant for medicinal use

Kalanchoe pinnata also known as Air Leaf , Arete Flower, Immortelle, Hojerilla, Tronador, Witch Yerba, Ojaransín and Goethe Plant. It belongs to the Classulaceae family and is native to Madagascar and India. It probably passed to Haiti via slaves from Africa brought to the island.

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Kalanchoe pinnata characteristics

It is a succulent plant that can grow to a meter in height. It has fleshy, thick leaves, little branched. As for the flowers, they are fleshy, opposite, oval and serrated on the edges. They grow in inflorescences and can be of various colors such as green, reddish and yellow, their calyxes are tubular and have four toothed lobes.

Kalanchoe pinnata care

This plant is unusual, since it does not require land to live, it is more or water. You can take a leaf and place it on the wall and after a few days leaves will appear, hence it has the name of Leaf of the air or Witch Leaf. What could be related to the survival effect that this species has.

Benefits of Kalanchoe pinnata

It is a medicinal plant that has phenols, flavonoids and acetates that provide great virtues for health, among them are.

  • Relieves diseases of the respiratory tract
  • Helps treat cancer cells
  • Improves digestion
  • Alleviates colic
  • Protects the liver
  • Heal wounds
  • Avoid liquid retention
  • Relieves headache
  • It is used as a muscle relaxant
  • Fight herpes
  • Stimulates the functioning of the kidneys
  • It is beneficial in cases of bronchitis
  • Improves skin conditions

Fun facts

It is an invasive plant that can degrade the ecosystem if it does not control it.

Clinical studies indicate that there may be toxicity if this plant is abused, so they indicate that the consumption of more than 5 g/ day, per kilo of person is toxic.

The kalanchoe has the peculiarity of capturing the greatest amount of CO2 at night, when the air is colder and more humid than the rest of the plants.

The genes found in the Kalnchoe could solve unwanted effects on biofuel production.

Its medicinal properties are known in Asia, America and Africa

How about? a plant that can have great beauty and does not require any care to survive. But do you know her? Have you heard of her?

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