Kitchen utensils and toxicity

Continuing in the line of cultivating health, we must consider not only what we eat and what type of fire we use but in which containers we cook our food. There are more and more people with food sensitivity and environmental sensitivity, it is the so-called Multiple Chemical Syndrome, MCS.

We must know that some of the materials used in the manufacture of pots, pans and others, can have adverse effects on health. The so-called heavy metals are chemical elements that tend to accumulate in the body and produce toxicity, among them are mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and selenium. Sometimes there is also talk of contamination by heavy metals including other lighter toxic elements, such as beryllium or aluminum.

The casseroles traditional clay and pouts enamel often wear lead or other heavy metals. In the latter we must be careful when they are chipped since the materials in the base may not be innocuous.

The aluminum utensils should be discarded and that aluminum is neurotoxic and is recognized as one of the factors related to Alzheimer’s disease. It is prohibited for culinary use in many countries and yet in our country aluminum containers are used in the industrial kitchens of schools, restaurants, hospitals …

There is an anodized aluminum on the market, that is, sealed, which prevents the incorporation of aluminum into food, then before buying, read and find out.

The pans cast iron would be a good choice, if they were not so heavy and so unwieldy and if did not require so much care to prevent rust.

The pots stainless steel are an alloy of iron and carbon to which are added different amounts of heavy metals, such as steel parts 18/10 nickel leads 18 and 10 lead, so that the indicated steel would surgical and Japanese steel.

The Teflon is a synthetic material used as nonstick cookware widespread, the Teflon contains a substance APFO, which accumulates in the body and which is not biodegradable and that produces severe abnormalities in living organisms (sterility, hypothyroidism, cancer …). Despite the medical evidence, it is still used with impunity, but there are alternatives, so we will have to inform ourselves before buying a frying pan.

If we use pans with Teflon it is very important that they do not scratch and that the coating does not come off.

The materials plastics are highly polluting in its production and non – biodegradable majority, act as disruptors endorcrinos altering hormonal functions in both men and women.

The only plastic WHO recommends for food use is polypropylene.

We see that practically all the containers we use have harmful chemicals in greater or lesser amounts. This should not alarm us but make us think that in the 21st century, there are materials that are not as natural as the clay pots from archaeological excavations, but that allow us to live with the conditions that this stage of history marks us.

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