Learn about the care of Nuphar luteum or Yellow Water Lily

Nuphar luteum also known as Yellow Water Lily, Bottle, Goblet, Yellow Nymph, River Wonder, Lampazo, Yellow Nymphae or Yellow Water Lily . It is from the genus Nuphar, from the Nymphaea family. It is made up of about nine species of aquatic plants. Being originally from Eurasia.

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Nuphar luteum characteristics

Rhizomatous plant with a thick stem.

The leaves are bluish-green in color, round in shape that grows floating in water or submerged.

The flower is solitary, intense yellow and fragrant. It blooms from late spring to late summer.

The fruit is ovoid with a leathery pericarp. While inside it has several ellipsoidal seeds.

Nuphar luteum care

It is an ideal plant  for lakes, ponds and even combines perfectly with Water Hyacinths, Hosta and Nymohaea.

It requires a light exposure, but without direct sunlight, or in semi-shade.

It should be at a depth of between 40 cm to 1 m. It is able to withstand cold, but not frost, since it could freeze the roots.

As for the soil, if a natural muddy bottom is not available, what could be placed is a mixture of garden soil, decomposed leaf mulch and peat (all this in equal parts).

Afterwards, they would have to be placed in well packed baskets to incorporate some stones so that they sink into the pond.

Planting or transplanting in a definitive place should be done in the spring.

It does not require fertilizers as long as it has the presence of fish. Fish help fight insects that can significantly damage this specimen.

The floating leaves can be seen attacked by larvae of a small beetle of the genus Galerucella. As well as larvae of a species of butterfly of the Tricotemos.

The best way to avoid these pests is to sprinkle the leaves with pyrethrins or lindane at least a couple of times a month in the summer.

It can be multiplied by division of the three-year-old bush in the spring.

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