Learn about the care of Sagittaria sagittifolia or Water Arrow

Sagittaria sagittifolia also known as Water Arrow (alluding to the shape of its leaves), Swallowtail, Water Potato, Colomo, Water Saeta and Saetilla. It belongs to the Alismataceae family, being a spontaneous species of the flora of the temperate regions of Eurasia and Great Britain.

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Characteristics of the Sagittaria sagittifolia

Emerged aquatic plant that usually has a height of 45 cm with a wingspan of 30 cm. It has erect green arrow-shaped leaves, they are aerial, some floating or submerged, with long petioles, arrowhead-shaped limbs, large basal lobes, with entire edges. The flowers with three white petals and a purple center are borne in spikes in the summer. The fruit is an achene.

Sagittaria sagittifolia care

It is a species to decorate ponds and small reservoirs. In addition, it is ideal for shallow waters.

In order for it to flourish vigorously it is necessary to place it in the shade.

Against its hardness under adverse conditions, it can be said that the minimum range of temperatures it can deal with is zone 7, withstanding frost.

For it to develop optimally, it is necessary that the land be fertile, mixed with peat .

In the fall it is necessary to remove the water and protect the plant with fertilized peat and straw until the following spring.

When it comes to pruning, it could be done so that they don’t become invasive. To do this, cut the tops of the stems and not the buds.

It would even be necessary to make sure that the young shoots are not attacked by insects, it could already affect the plant to the point of destroying it completely. So you have to resort to the use of insecticides recommended by specialists.

It multiplies by dividing rhizomes in the spring.

It has a tuber that is edible. In Japan it is known as cigu, with a mild flavor, with a starchy texture very similar to a crispy potato when cooked.

As you will realize, it is not a plant of great care nor much less demanding, but it is of great beauty. So it would be worth having it at home for that unique touch. Now if you already have it, tell us what you do to make it beautiful.It’s worth it!

Images courtesy of: marianne , Gökhan EREN

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