Learn about the characteristics of Nonea vesicaria or Traitor’s Grass

Nonea vesicaria  also known as Shameful, White Woolly or Traitor’s Grass . It belongs to the Boraginaceae family, which comprises 95 species. It is native to Spain and North Africa.

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The name Nonea is due to the German botanist JP. Nonne who wrote a book on the flora of Erfut.

The epithet vesicaria , which means “bladder-shaped”, referring to the calyx swelling during fruiting.

Characteristics of Nonea vesicaria

It is a species  that reaches a height of 40 cm. It can have one or more stems and is covered by abundant hairs, some rigid, more or less long, while others glandular.

The leaves are whole, seated, lanceolate to ovolanceolate and even oblong-elliptical, with a smooth edge and a muchronous apex, grayish green in color.

The flowers appear on a terminal top, with leaf-like bracts. 1 cm tubular in shape, with a bulky and long calyx.

The sepals divided halfway, the corolla opens in purple lobes. It blooms in the spring.

The fruit is a wrinkled brown nucula.

Caring for Nonea vesicaria

It is a plant that is not used in gardening. In nature it occurs in grassland areas such as basins and roadsides.

It requires dry and hot environments. In addition, it needs to be in full sun.

As for the soil, it requires those that are acidic or basic, nitrophilic.

Irrigation should be moderate, as long as the soil is dry, as it is very sensitive to irrigation.

It is resistant to pests and diseases, so it does not have a major problem.

It multiplies by means of seeds.


It is a plant that was used to combat urinary ailments.

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Now if not, it is time to turn to see this species that despite its little ornamental value, it looks beautiful.

Images courtesy of: Vahe Martirosyan

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