Learn how to grow quinoa at home

The quinoa whose scientific name is Chenopodiu quinoa , which is known as Inca Wheat, Canigua, Hupa, Peruvian Rice, Licsa, Canahua, Candonga, Dahua, Cañagua or Candonga. It is native to the highlands of South America.

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Quinoa characteristics

It is an annual plant  with wide leaves that can grow to between 2 and 2.5 m. Unlike other species of grain, it has the peculiarity of blooming before it reaches the seed.

The flower is red or purple in color and they are grouped forming a kind of spike on the stem.

Quinoa cultivation

You can start the quinoa in seedbeds indoors and then transplant it, but the most successful is directly on the ground.

To grow quinoa use fertile, semi- deep soils and optimal drainage. But it can also grow in sandy, clay and even slightly marine soils.

Choose an area of ​​the land that receives full sun, but can support half a leftover (although the latter can minimize the harvest).

Once the area has been chosen, it is necessary to dig the soil about 60 cm to have good drainage.

In addition, the greatest amount of weeds should be eliminated, since quinoa can have problems when competing with them.

Place the seed at a depth of 1.2 cm with a separation between the plants of 70 cm. Then cover with the earth.

Water them if there is no rain. It is a plant that usually withstands drought, except in the flowering season. Good humidity will improve the quality of the crop.


  • Be careful with weeds, as they will enter into competition and the quinoa will end up losing if it is not well established.
  • Quinoa grows slowly at first.
  • Irrigation should be sporadic, less in the flowering season.
  • Quinoa is covered in a substance called saponia, which, being very bitter, prevents the presence of birds and some pests.

As you will see, growing quinoa  is very easy, as long as it has good soil and a correct climate.

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